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LEGENDS – Part Two?

Okay, BJ honey! Continuing on with the subject of Erotic Art; allow me to hijack this post, like I infamously did, with that one – shameless! As usual, your generosity and graciousness; can never be underestimated!

You keep on trucking, while other blogs and links; poop out! May your website, live on forever! I’ll never take it for granted, despite the amount of scolding and kidding, that I do! ; )

I like so many homoerotic illustrators, but my absolute favorite, will always be Tom of Finland!

I consider him the Master, as I do Jim French. He’s “The Grand Daddy of Them All”, as zephyr put it – so influential! I’m surprised you only have three posts, featuring him. Don’t get me started, on all his attributes, I’ll never quit – so erotic and funny! His drawings are the only ones, which I actually spent money on! But I digress …

I love porn, cartoons, celebrities, and caricature portraits! I was hooked, the first time I saw the Broadway work, of Al Hirschfeld! Recognizing likeness is so much fun! Show Biz, all ties in together!

You may already know, that like REX; Tom of Finland, also did porn star/model portraits!

This isn’t a surprise, because he was inspired by mainstream models and celebrities, like Ed Fury and Guy Madison, in his drawings. He once did a cartoon of Mark Spitz, and Michelangelo’s David.

In 1979, Target Studios published a Tom of Finland Illustration Portfolio called, “TARGET BY TOM”. Gay Erotic Archives lists eight models, so I assume, that’s the accurate extent.

(I hope these links work!) This is so much fun! I’m all about lists! I think I found most of them! Let me apologize in advance, for some of the small-size images. I found them on

As usual, Tom exaggerates their dicks, muscles, and nipples. Hey, it IS Tom of Finland. : )

In contrast, REX stylized and interpreted, but he didn’t really exaggerate. Also, unlike REX, Tom is never ambiguous! You can recognize everyone! : )

I’m going to try and include, the original source – compare and contrast. Most of these images should be familiar. In alphabetical order:

Here’s the original template of Barry (Hoffman). I could never figure out the tattoo. Does it say “Rebel” or “Repel”?

Now, here’s “Barry by Tom”. The tattoo is still confusing.

I found the image of Brand on, but as I’ve said previously, the link broke! This was the famous, original. I guess it’s truncated. Thanks BJ, honey!

In this case, I couldn’t find the original, of Jeremy Brent aka Erron. Everyone should recognize the design of the porch, swing-bed mattress sheet, he shared with Jeff Cameron. Wow, look at the detail of his lank hair – beautiful! : 0

I couldn’t find the original. But at least this is a BIG image! The one and only, Bruno! : P



I can’t help thinking of Morticia, sitting in her Peacock Wicker Parlor Chair, from T.V.’s “The Addams Family (1964-1966)”. Am I the only one, old enough to remember that?

This picture of Dak aka John Converse is pretty famous – for obvious reasons!

Here’s Dak by Tom! Tom draws his dick, tilting slightly to the right, instead of the left. And also gives him a slight smile, with his hair brushed to the other side. Other than that, it’s pretty accurate! : )

You’ll love this, BJ! Here’s your favorite cowboy – topless! Say howdy to Chuck Gatlin – porn model, not performer! I never noticed the tattoo, until you pointed it out! What does it say?

Chuck by Tom. You don’t suppose, he’s a Gatlin Brother, huh BJ? You like cowboys, but you’ve never mentioned country music. : D

Okay, I have a memory of seeing the original, but I can’t find it! Am I projecting – wishful thinking? Did Tom start from scratch, or did Roger pose for him? Does anyone know?

Here’s Roger, by Tom:

What I said above, about Roger.

I can’t say Steve Sartori, was ever one of my favorites – Meh! I don’t think you ever mentioned him, huh, BJ? Was he too generic? He only did a solo. So I only think of him, as a porn performer, not a star. So there! Sue me! LOL!

Steve by Tom:

Oh boy, I hope this post goes through! Is six links, too much?

Let me thank all my sources – research! I already forgot! Isn’t that awful?

(Stay tuned, for a future, Tom of Finland for Colt!)

This was so much fun! As they say about sex: “Hope it was as good for you, as it was, for me!” LOL! : )

Ah, thanks again, BJ baby! xoxoxo

; )

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