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SANTA (ToF edition, 2)

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LEGENDS – Part Three? (Hope to God, these links work!) : |

Okay, BJ honey! I noticed a number of your readers, have short memories, or are just plain careless and oblivious.

I’m going to further celebrate, the drawn portraits of The Master, Tom of Finland – his famous porn performers and models. It’s going to be a continuation of my last reply, linked here below:

This place is so appropriate! You really do seem to like porn Santa(s)! That last edition celebrated Tom’s work for Target Studios. This one is the work he did for Colt, and others.

Both Tom and Jim French – The Other Master, worked in “legitimate” advertising; before they did porn! I wonder if REX did also. Once again, how appropriate!

I checked out GEA. It looks like both TOM and REX, have worked for Target Studios, at least twice!

I so appreciate how your wonderful posts, inspire me to segue and hijack – just shameless and marvelous! AD NAUSEAM – your generosity and graciousness; can never be underestimated! : )

Okay, I want to get this, right out of the way! Don’t want to expend too much time and effort. I’m not going to try and verify, if my information is true or not – Meh! Readers are free to correct me.

Peter Berlin; is one of my least favorite porn figures! But yes, I concede that he was a porn icon, and had many fans. Despite the subject, the drawings are fun! : 0

Evidently in 1978, he paid Tom $400.00, to draw four portraits of Peter’s likeness. Here are three of them. As usual, Finland exaggerates the dick, muscles, and nipples! I mean, he IS, Tom of Finland! : D×300.jpg?format=500w

Compare and contrast! This photo of Val Martin; is supposedly from 1984.

Now here’s Tom’s illustration – cool! Sorry the image is so small. Again, I stole it from LPSG. That doesn’t stand for Large Picture Support Group! What can I do? You work with what you have. : (

(I think six links shouldn’t pose a problem.) : |



Okay, let me invert the order. Here’s the drawn portrait of Chris Dickerson, by Tom. Yes, he did do one hardcore loop, for Colt. So he was both a famous bodybuilder, and porn star!

The original photo is on the Colt Studio Group website – scroll down, and to the right! It’s the 5th image across. Wow, even black men can have tan-lines! : )

Here’s another Colt picture of Chris, since I can’t link to the original source.

I believe that Dickerson, Jim Morris (vegan bodybuilder), and porn star, Mitchell (Mitch) Rabida, were the only black models, that Jim French used. All of whom, were “family”! : )

Okay, as I’ve said. My memory isn’t as dependable, as it once was. I’m almost certain that I’ve seen the full, corresponding photo, of this drawing of Mike Betts – truncated?

But I can’t seem to find this leather image, online. Am I projecting? Or maybe it was from a photo-set, and not a publication. Looks like he’s wearing chaps, as well as a leather cap, and draped jacket! Exposure needed!

The cap he’s wearing isn’t totally accurate. It has a winged insignia – Fox Studios?

I posted this before. It’s the nearest image I can get, to the one above. The divine Mike Betts looked fabulous in leather! Notice the cap with the silver lining and chain. Tex Murdock is also wearing it!

P.S. – The wonderful Mike Betts also looked great in denim – black & blue! Ah, BJ agrees! : P



Okay. Judging from Colt’s Olympus #5 (1979?) magazine, and the two Colt loops they made. We can ALL agree; both Mike Betts and Rick Wolfmier – were a dynamic duo! Those who don’t; should be banned! Just kidding! : D

They had matching boulder butts! : P

Let me revert back to my original order. Here’s the original photo, used as a template.

Now, here’s the drawing by Tom of Finland (1981?)! It isn’t an exact copy, but it’s wonderful, and similar enough – inspiration! Wow, look at the detail, in their hair – amazing! : 0

I’m adding this smaller version below, as security. Who knows if these links will last, or even work!

P.S. – I’m sorry! I just can’t resist; this heavenly image of Mikey – so beefy and juicy! Yes, I know it’s gratuitous! But I just marvel, at his mounds of muscle! : P

(Six links is the limit! I hope!)


(Okay. I figured out, how the rejected links will work, from up above. Click on the link, then scan and copy the URL. While the first tab is still open; paste the link again in a new tab, on the top menu bar, then click enter.) : |


Okay, now my last Colt model! The one and only, Nick Chase aka Steve Schulte – the former Mayor of West Hollywood! : 0

Wow, so many similarities! Chase was featured in Colt’s Olympus #6, as was his portrait by Tom! Thank you, Gay Porn Obsession! Feel free to add dates and corrections! : D

BELOW: Okay, I’m pretty sure this is the original photo, where Tom drew inspiration. It’s modest, but still very hot, and amusing! Nicky was such a stud! : P

Why is he drying his body, if it isn’t wet? Does he comb his hair, while he’s still dripping? Yeah, I’m sure no one will complain, about the continuity! (?) LOL! : )

Now, here’s Finland’s “interpretation” – compare and contrast! Remember, Tom of Finland is the Master! He has artistic license to take liberties!

Okay, once again, here the smaller version, for security reasons. Can’t be too careful! : |

Please forgive me, but I just can’t resist; this warm, welcoming, seductive, photo – “Come here!”
“Make yourself at home.” The body, the dick, the hair, the staring eyes, the mustache!

*SWOON!* : P

Well, since I’m already being self-indulgent, I might as well post the back cover, of Olympus #6 – appalling and shameless! Nick/Steve was such a serious, great piece of ass!

You can enlarge! Notice the small detail, of his dick-head! Tan-lines are forever! : 0



P.S. – No wait! I’m not finished! Both Mike Betts and Nick Chase; were just too delicious! Honestly, I’m incorrigible! : /

Same theme: Here’s a different, color version of the leather photo, I posted above of Mike Betts! The one that included Tex Murdock!

I’m pretty sure, that Tom of Finland; used this leather picture of Mikey, as a template for his drawing. What does anyone think? He probably just added the cap and chaps, as an artistic enhancement!

Compare and contrast!

As you can tell, I just adore Mike Betts! Aside from just being sizzling hot, he was also warm and charming! He had some of the same, boyish vulnerability, which you also find with Tom LeDuc, and Billy Herrington!

He also reminds me of such actors like Jeff Bridges and Kurt Russell – tough, yet tender! I’ll also add the current actor, Chris Pratt, to the mix – same likeable type! : )

All three of them, seem to be of either, Northern, or Western European, ancestry. Like Mike Betts, Chris Pratt is also beefy! He used to “fit-fat” – endearing! : D

Anyway, I simply MUST post this naughty picture of Mikey – great hair! It’s one of my favorites! : P

Joe Gage on his now defunct, website; was delighted as I described Jim French’s work for Colt, as being raunchy, yet elegant – “You nailed it!” To quote Lenny Bruce: “Ass, with class! : D

This glamorous photo below, is an excellent example – beautiful yet nasty!

“I need you Mikey. I’ll treat you right. Come with me, baby, be mine tonight!” LOL! : )

PLEASE! Just one more picture! This will be literally and figuratively, the END! What can I say? Nicky’s ass, hypnotizes me! Male butts can be so beautiful! *SMOOCH!* LOL!

Jim French also used this gorgeous setting, for a photo with Toby – awesome! : 0

Colt Studio and Tom of Finland! Truly, a match made in heaven! : )

Ah, thank you so much, BJ-honey! For this shameless, self-indulgence! Just appalling!

This was so much fun! I’m all about lists! I am now, giddy as a school girl – SQUEAL!

As I said before, I hope it was as good for you, as it was for me – afterglow! LOL! : )

Stay tuned! xoxoxo

; )

just acknowledging THAT I see you’ve posted a buttload of links – but too busy to read! my apologies!

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