here’s Cadinot


oh for pete’s sake – neglecting lovely DICK TRASK and going on and on about Cadinot….. of course, you’ll probably talk about Nick Fabrini or someone entirely unrelated to this post now….. (smiley face)

I blame myself, must’ve been some confusion with the pool boy post

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Completely my fault for hijacking your pool service post and changing the subject, I’ve done it to you here before and I do apologize. I wanted to ask Parisian about the Cadinot film I watched over the weekend, partly as an assumption on my part that because he calls himself Parisian, maybe he would have more knowledge about Pension Complete and the guy who played the doctor, who I couldn’t get out of my mind after I watched it on one of the tube sites. But it was off topic, and I’ll try to remember to draw at least somewhat within the lines going forward.

You are right that Dick Trask is lovely, as is the view from underneath the guy Cadinot photographed above. The light reflecting off the hair on his nuts and treasure trail is brilliant.

Zephyr, you can always keep the old thread going or direct me to it. I always look down the first 4 or 5.o When I lived in Paris, the Cadinot films had not really got going yet. I am, though, planning to watch this one you mentioned very soon, and will answer it down a ways (on that ‘Lance’ thread) and tell you so as to leave the threads free.

Love Dick Trask, as I said, but hadn’t really noticed him till this picture. Gorgeous Cadinot type mec…I like the one you posted of the guy at the pool table even more, although it could be the same one. Kind that Cadinot often used.

speaking of commenting…… do you all get notification of some type, or just scroll through and see if somewhere you’ve posted gets a response? I have not much idea what the user experience is like, as I have a whole dashboard for the wordpress blog with posts, drafts, comments, comments held, potential spam…. you get the idea

Speaking for myself I don’t get any alerts at all, but then it’s not my blog so those dashboard powers are likely only for you as the admin here. Now that you’ve updated the look of the blog I usually scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, where I now see the last five recent comments and who made them, and use that to gauge whether or not one might have been a response to something I said before. On reddit there’s a little part that turns orange near the top of my screen if I have a response to a comment or post that I made, but only when I’m signed in.

And I was hoping you were teasing, I even predicted your wrath when I was leaving that long comment the other day, and I started a new paragraph with “BJ’s gonna hate me” lol. An idea, maybe from time to time you just make a random post unrelated to anything else, and say ‘discuss whatever you want here’ so there’s a place for off topic conversations, etc? Since the only way I or other commenters have of reaching you is through the comment section, and as I said I’m not alerted to any answers.

So, no whips and belts? Damn I was hoping for the full gauntlet, ya let me off easy ;)

Zephyr, you know BJ’s a sweet-natured guy. I can’t believe you worry about it. I think he just doesn’t want us insulting each other, or criticizing, say, models we don’t find attractive, since others will find them. It’s worked pretty well from what I’ve seen. I did say I hated that photo of dildo-sucking, but not critiquing the models. There are so many tastes and so many deeply-held feelings about some of these things, that it is just nicer to not say anything when it comes to SKIN unless you are going to OOZE as I do over some of them. You always offer good stuff, as b.J. says.

To finish the ‘alerts’ thing, I don’t get them either, just go down about 5-10 posts every time I look in to see if there are any new comments. Alerts of any kind have always driven me nuts and make me feel I have even less control over my own time than I already do, in this impossible world we now live in. But I don’t think I ever miss a comment, unless someone puts it on a very old post. I might decide to do alerts for that reason. I’ll think about that

Thanks for letting us know. I never saw a ‘recent comments’ down that far, and never go down quite that far. I will use it now. Possible that a lot won’t see it, though. I certainly hadn’t till this exchange.

yeah, “recent comments” is newish – came with the new formatting; alas, I (don’t think) I can control its placement – my old template allowed for sidebars – now it throws everything, archives, other pages like “directors” all the way to the bottom.

Outdent to reply to both of you, BJ first because it’s your blog: I discovered the ‘recent comments’ addition when I was looking for your directors pages, which used to be in the sidebar as you mentioned, and that was when I saw that feature had been added. So when I land on your home page I start by looking at what you’ve posted recently, then I scroll all the way to the bottom and see who else has left comments on various threads and whether they might be a reply to something I said. I tested whether or not we could reply to old threads and if you would see the comments when I was reminded of Roy Garrett and the spoken-word, slam poetry he did to the music of Man Parrish called Hot Rod To Hell, and I found a post you did with a great pic of him from 2012 and left a comment, which you saw and replied to so I know it works. You can find Hod Rod To Hell on youtube, it’s pretty interesting and I think you said you had heard it before or bought the album when it was re-released not long ago.

Parisian (1): don’t feel obligated to track down the cadinot film I mentioned, I just thought it might be one you were familiar with but it’s no biggie. I stumbled upon it on one of the tube sites over the weekend, xhamster or xvideos I think, but it had a title like Euro Boys instead of the name of the film. A lot of people might look at the doctor and not think he was that hot but he struck me as being very sexy, glasses and a cute nose and muscular, nice ass and dick, and he may have stood out in that film because of the plethora of twinks in that film, whereas he was older than most of them and more fully developed.

Parisian (2): I found the pour-beer-on-your-dick-and slurp-it-off scene with Al Parker that you were talking about, specific to the music the one I saw must have been the original loop (or film it became) because the music was nothing special to me, kind of interludes of various musical styles. So you must be referring to the music that was added on a Colt Best Of retrospective, and I’ve still not seen that. Maybe it’s on a tube site somewhere, hidden somewhat by having a slightly changed title (as with Pension Complete being referred to as “Euro Boys” when I found it), if you ever see it and could direct me or BJ to it maybe I could hear what you’re talkiing about. It is all subjective and there’s no right or wrong when it comes to the music that speaks to us, or touches something inside us.

Parisian (3): (trying to keep this organized lol) If you’re on reddit, which is the only real social media I’ve ever participated in (never been on fb and have no desire to, same with instagram or anything else fb owns, I go to twitter and look up famous people sometimes like Cher or some porn star or whoever but just view that passively and read without replying, etc) I do post pretty regularly on reddit, and each post has a huge sea of blank space beneath it for comments of the type that I think you and I both like, which is to say walls of text with some attempt at tying it all together but also many asides that track where our brains travel. I even moderate a few subreddits and so therefore I could designate areas where we could chat there, if you’re interested. One good thing about reddit is the anonymity, or pseudonymity maybe, in that you do have to create an account but it can be whatever name you choose that hasn’t been taken, and they ask for an email address but don’t even require that. Completely up to you if you want to, just thought I’d throw it out there. The gayest sub I moderate is the one I started for Patrick Cowley, which would be pretty easy to find from within reddit’s search. My point is just that we could go on and on at each other (which I enjoy when someone else is into it and has interesting things to say) and not have to worry about taking over BJ’s comments here, or where to reply to each other. But feel free to rpely to me here if you’d rather, this is usually one of my rounds a few times a week and we’ve already designated this thread as one where we’ve chatted. You don’t owe me anything, I enjoy talking with both of you and a few others I’ve commented with here. Cheers.

You can find the way to watch ‘Chute’ at

Here is an excerpt I just found at Colt, which is where you rent it if you want to see the whole thing. This excerpt does have a bit of the score for ‘The Best of Colt…’ , but it’s not one of the high points musically, although it works within the whole context (also it is not precisely matched with sex because there are bits in this from the earlier part of the film, then a lot in the truck, including the beer pour ‘n’ suck on Toby’s Prick, Toby sucking Al some (but not quite as close up and Al does most of the sucking in this film), and Toby sucking Al’s ass.)) You can go straight to this trailer from this link:

I think the one you saw may well be one I looked up recently and even the action is sped up irritatingly, with music that sounds little better than old piano banged-out accompaniments to ancient silent films. Here at least you can hear a little of the music that I was talking about, but at such moments when Al is really getting into the cock worship, it’s different music when you have the whole film, and it crescendoes wonderfully because they are both having such obvious pleasure that it become very voluptuous. BUT…having seen that excerpt at Colt Studio, I am all but sure you will get the entire score written for the compilation because that’s what belongs to Colt. It would have to be, I’d think.

I saw you can also see a piece of ‘Bruno’s World’ by just clicking it on, and that has some of the music used in Best of Colt 7 & 8. Naturally, I think Toby looks like a dream of manhood in that light-blue shirt and white jeans, and here they show Bruno and Toby alternating jerking off in very small segments, much longer and super-hot in the original.

I just put this next link so you can see the others on the same set if you got the dvd–some of those were very good, I loved the Lloyd Kasper one, and there’s some Rocco Rizzoli.


I’d definitely like to see the Cadinot, and will try those two sources or just google (that’s how I found the sped-up version of ‘Chute’ with the atrocious music.) GEVI had said I could see the Cadinot, but that’s for a DVD, which I don’t want to get (can you believe it? I don’t have a dvd player–anything I can’t get in vhs off Amazon I stream from Amazon or Vudu, and that’s cheap and often free, as I’m sure you know. I’m talking about all kinds of movies, not just porn. Seems I got past the dvd-dominated phase, but I don’t subscribe to Netflix, etc., since I don’t want to feel as if I ‘have to get my money’s worth’, so I just do individual purchases.

I think now that I know about the ‘New Comments’ I can see your comment on any new or old post. And I think he’s been clear he is fine with us talking all we want–although I agree it’s best to keep to the ones with the on-topic, and we just check for the comments, but say, if you actually were worried about writing too much on a different-topic post, just put it on any post, and B.J., I, and anyone else will see it and we can talk about it there. I think I answered somebody on an old post B.J. had linked who wanted to talk about ‘biggest one I ever saw’, and that was an old post, but also before BJ updated the blog, which looks so smart. I was hoping for a whole bunch of answers about ‘the biggest one I ever saw’, and wrote mine, but I’m such a whore I had this cornucopia, and some might have been intimidated! They shouldn’t be, I’ve just been fortunate, and even yesterday…I know it’s a disgrace at my age, but I just can’t get enough…

Zephyr: I forgot to put the link to ‘Bruno’s World’ which is also on the Colt site. This too, has the music added for the ‘Best of Colt’ collection; it’s the same music but not with the same ‘sex events’ because they’re just giving snippets of the movie with one section of the music (this music heard in the trailer is actually only in the early part of the film, part of which you see here, when Toby is looking through the Bruno mag and caressing his Prick.)

As for the whole film being on tubes of whatever kind, I don’t know, we can both look, it didn’t occur to me there would even be that bad one all sped up of ‘Chute’, because Colt always has seemed to have tight control of its things, but I might be judging from their miserliness at even giving out prosaic information as if it might put a hex on their sales.

B. J. would doubtless know more about that end of things than I do.

Parisian, sorry I couldn’t get either of your links to Colt’s website to work on my end, kept getting a message that said “tunnel connection failed” no matter which one I clicked on, or even trying to go to their main site. Maybe it’s down? Or it could be some of the settings I have on my end, I block a lot of things like ads and scripts. Tunnel connection failed makes it sound like someone’s ass couldn’t handle so much dick lol, just the joke I thought of.

As far as Pension goes, I went through my history and here is the link that had the film, maybe it will work for you?

Fabulous! I can get it, and will watch it tonight, after I’ve gone out and tried to get too much dick up my ass. Actually, haven’t done that particular *sex act* for some years, and am beginning to starve slowly, but….if anyone needs to know how to get fucked by a huge dick without pain (I am not one who likes any at all), the trick is to use a dildo a bit larger than any of the biggest dicks you’re about to get fucked by, because you have total control of it, and slowly get that to work well in and out of your ass, and then a huge dick will slip right in without even the slightest sting, and you can get fucked the hell out of. I know some guys actually like there to be some resistance and even a little pain at the beginning, because they still see it as making the roles more refined. Frankly, I feel just as masculine with a mouthful of Prick as I do fucking an ass. Once the dildo has relaxed me, I then like to RIDE it the best of all. The last time was so good with a guy 35 years younger than me that I felt like Michelle Pfeiffer at one point (I may be repeating myself), and I usually do not think of women at all. Homosexuality is my whole life, although I had an 8-year bisexual period (but still went out with boys all the time.) I think ‘men having sex with men’ is a form of civic responsibility if you are expert at it. The HIGHEST ART FORM.

Can you get this much? Once on the home page, you can click ‘Models’, you can click ‘Toby’ for both ‘Bruno’s World’ and ‘Chute’, but Parker made so many more films, it would be harder to find, but you could try that too. It’s definitely under the ‘Toby’ listings though, unless it won’t work there either because of all your overfucked tunnels. Hahahahaha. The one with ‘Chute’ was not in the list I found from googling (and that posted on the new post), but the trailer is, at least, under ‘Toby’ (it’s not under ‘Bruno’, I just looked.)

Keep teeeazz-ing me, baby….couldn’t resist that, and worse, I’m getting a fat hard-on. B.J. can too, except he’s married and has to be proper. Well, we’re all perverts, you know. (I won’t repeat the phrase that comes from, I can’t stand guys who say it, and indeed they are lesbians.)

‘refined’ should be ‘defined’. It’s much more REFINED to feel masculine equally in all roles, and I have to admit LGBTQ has given us the freedom to arrive at that, although I don’t have much ‘community spirit’.

ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED no matter which page on Colt’s website I try to go to, whether through your links or if I bring it up on a search and try that way. I even disabled the two most likely add-ons I suspect could have caused this for me, NoScript and uBlock and I got the same thing. Maybe it’s the browser I’m using, doesn’t play well with Colt and their hairy models? When they try to open my tunnel, and the connection to their dicks fails, I mean it HAS been a while since I’ve been on the receiving end of anything like that (or the giving end, for that matter), just to follow-up on your joke. I’ll try again someday soon.

Haven’t any idea how that would happen, but almost anybody is tech-savvier than I am. Although getting to the main colt page and not being able to reach any of the ‘models’ seems like something any browser working properly could get. I guess you’re saying you also cannot look even at the lists of dvd’s they’re selling. I’d never be able to figure something like that out, which is why I have a subscription with HP Remote. I don’t care what they think of how I’m so uninterested in tech. Although that does sound like such basic stuff I can’t imagine what the problem could be.

I’ll report about the Cadinot later tonight most likely; if not, tomorrow.

No the whole website was like that, even the home page gave me the same error message and nothing at all came up. I’m not the most knowledgeable about computers but I know my way around enough. At first I assumed the site was down but it’s obviously on my end only so maybe I’ll try with a different browser, that usually resolves hiccups that I experience like this from time to time. somafm is a music streaming site with many different channels of music to choose from, free with no ads which is great, and for some reason it only seems to work for me in chrome, which I have mostly quit using because it and google pissed me off, long story but in any other browser I lose the website functionality. I’ll do my porn homework soon too lol.

Just checked Al Parker’s ‘model page’ at Colt, and you scroll down and it shows a whole array and then says “and 1 more”, and I thought, how useless, can’t possibly be it–but it was. So, if you can get to the Colt page, you can click on the trailer of ‘Chute’ from either ‘Toby’ or ‘Al Parker’. I can’t remember how much to rent the dvd’s of anything from Colt but it isn’t that much. I doubt I’ll do it though.

So, Pension compl├Ęte…Lots of charm and charming boys in that movie. I thought the hottest was the tall one Rodolphe de Marcy, French, but ‘Franz’ in the movie. Made me remember how I always wanted lederhosen, and am annoyed I never got any, and that is something only the young wear.

As for music, it came in snippets as background, effective enough, but not long strains of it the way movie music usually is. There was a German song early on sung by a female. It was fine, since there was not really a plot, and certain of the structures were obviously picked up from American 70s porn. A doctor will come or a fight will start and a train conductor will strip-search and then kissing, sucking and fucking, as if they’d known what those things were all along (they certainly had.)

Would have been lovely to see in a theater, and quality would probably have been better on dvd, because of all that pastoral German landscape and Neuschwanstein.

Best scene for me was toward the end when Franz was chopping wood, and that very pretty doll-faced one (I couldn’t catch all the characters’ names, and I don’t think they were all ever said) sees him as this sturdy masculine type like the ‘lumberjacks’ that King Ludwig had preferred to women (who wouldn’t?), and can’t resist going up to him, as he is sweating away. Reminded me of Siegfried, and the enchanted sword ‘Nothung’ in the Ring Cycle, but likely had no relation to that, there wasn’t any kind of reference to Wagner, musically or otherwise–unless de Marcy’s statuesque figure, which did seem very German.

They really were all very young. B.J. isn’t the photo at the top of this post from one of the magazines? The one about a year ago with the Adonis/Apollo naked behind the pool table was, I think I remember, and it does look as though it may be the same one. Not ‘twink’ in the sense of these young boys in the movie, but godlike. Since you put this one at the top of this post, I have become more engrossed in it every time I look at it. That guy really is a god, I’m more electrified every time I look at him, he leaves one virtually speechless.

Oh, I forgot, there was that mention of the history with Ludwig and Wagner, and how Ludwig literally gave away everything to support Wagner, ending up indebted and dead. So maybe de Marcy was supposed to be somewhat Wagnerian, although in a simple way.

Thank you for watching it, I just wanted to hear the thoughts of someone else who took the time and might appreciate parts of it. It took me a bit to realize the opening scenes were actually filmed on a train as it was travelling through the countryside, the trees and a few stations whizzing by in the background. I liked the lumberjack scene as well and thought a few of the younger guys were quite attractive, including the one referred to as The Egyptian in the opening credits. Gevi didn’t have scene breakdowns or which actor played who but I found them here as credited at the beginning of the film:

Le docteur just struck me as very hot, as I said maybe because the actor was one of the older guys in the cast. No condoms, which by 88 a lot of American productions were starting to have the guys wear them, though by no means all yet.

Zephyr–I opened a Reddit account so we can do it as you described, yet…explain now exactly how. I did a search on ‘Patrick Cowley’ but didn’t find any posts and conversations, although do remember a hunk snorting poppers, not sure what that or anything else was. Didn’t spend much time there, knew it would be *nicer* if you told me…

Anyway, although I think we were not that badly controlled, and I like to write at BJ’s place, but I think you may well have a point that sometimes it’s better if we want to do these ‘walls of text’ to not do so many of them here, and do them there instead. So you said we could, and I would like to add that to my Project of Eternal Sex Pleasure. You wrote some beautiful things this morning.

Also, such long paragraphs and posts could intimidate some of the other regulars, who might not want to post, thinking that it had changed the character of the blog. This way we could keep a balance, and indulge in total nonchalance as well. HMU, as they say.

I am leaving the 30th comment on this post, that’s got to be a BJ Land record I would imagine. Yeah I can do the walls of text thing too, I enjoy it sometimes as I know you do also and your point about it possibly limiting other people from commenting here who might want to is valid.

How reddit works: there is no one reddit, it’s a mass of smaller communities called subreddits and anything posted on reddit originates in one of these groups. That’s a common misconception about it, when you hear someone say “i read it on reddit’ or whatever, well where though? communities are named like this: reddit(dot)com(slash)r(slash)whatever the name of the group is. Some are straightforward, like the one for Patrick which you must have found because I posted that hot guy hitting poppers to the sub, wondering if that’s what the Patrick song title 5 oz. of Funk is referring to. I’d guess yes but anyway … other subreddits are more esoteric or off the wall, there’s a resistance to authority and rebelliousness to the core of what I think reddit is, as opposed to fb or whatever other social media. But you choose communities that interest you, they default join you to some subreddits that you may like but you can unsubscribe from almost all of them at any time, and seek out communities that are more what you’re looking for. Porn-wise, if you search with the words ‘vintage’ and ‘porn’ (and include NSFW subs, of course) you’ll find subs called Vintage Gay Vids (where I’ve posted quite a bit), Vintage Gay Pics, Vintage Gay Porn NSFW which is a newer one, etc. Another popular one is Gay Porn Hunters, people will ask questions about a film or scene that they want more info on, sometimes leaving links or pics, most of these are people describing newer porn but occasionally will get a vintage one.

You can post things yourself (some subs require that your account be of a certain age just to prevent spammers) or click beneath any post where it says ‘comments’ and see what other have said, if anything yet. The comments are treed so that you can reply to the person who posted it (OP is the slang for that, original poster) or reply to any individual comment as well. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months so they will still be visible if the OP leaves them up, but you can’t comment or vote on it. Karma is stupid and useless but it’s generally like likes or anything else, upvote means you like it and downvote means you didn’t. Some people on reddit create bots to swarm around and mass upvote (or downvote) things, it can be a bit unsettling but then you just ask yourself, who really cares? and life gets better. If you want to follow someone (I don’t do this, it’s a relatively new feature) then you will be alerted whenever they post something, or you can just visit the various subs and see what’s new from the main page.

I can answer any other questions within reddit also, or any others you may have because like anything it can be a bit intimidating at first. I will send you a private message through reddit which will turn a little envelope near the top of your screen orange, then you will know my name on reddit and can reply to me there if you want. Cool, thanks for trying it out, maybe you won’t dig it much but I see it as the only social media-type thing that even interests me a little.

I will love it once I get the hung of it, or should I say once I transfer the hung of it…we’ll take it nice and easy and I’ll be able to tell you how I’ve produced an intellectual-Phallic-worship delirium which is profoundly based on Physical Pleasure first: And that is not so easy to come by in the digital world which has consumed most. It’s not as heavy as it sounds–or rather it will be for me, because I am bringing it daily into a full opacity, but won’t have to be for you or anyone else. My ability to discern how to move some of the material to another digital domain proves that the demands of abundance I make will only be offered willingly–because, if not, I can easily be sated by the sublime proximity to The Best Clubs…LOL…oh yes…I can easily get to these several times a day and usually do, so that the embrace of conscientious Walls of Text will be a kind of ‘enhancer’ since no guilt will ever be involved with them again, even in minor quantities. Of course that’s a bit exuberant, but if I may be moderately serious in the conventional sense for one moment: I have noticed that there is something that might even be called a ‘complex’ when it comes to walls of text. Taking this step to totally un-self-conscious Walls of Text will bring about a brief sense ‘even unto surfeit’, but that will then become the higher plateau which will find a greatly increased capacity to seem perfectly normal–much as my dildo-prelude to getting Monster-fucked has long been a part of my repertoire. As there was now subtle movement toward this new charisma, I have very recently (in the last few hours) become convinced that this Freedom of Walls of Text will be a sensational new titillation for both of us. It is, in fact, a kind of victory over the tyranny of the digital.

On the lighter side, I may want to talk about some recent porno and actual sex acts, which, you will note, I am being careful to frame respectfully to you, and take the license because the popper-snorting you posted didn’t seem a shocking thing to YOU (obviously it wouldn’t to me, even though I know longer use them–I have intellectualized those in a very major way, though, and completed this in 2018. But posting about the poppers made my impingement more likely welcomed, and I am being highly stylized right now out of further respect and gratitude. And it’s the kind of thing we could discuss more formally even in the Walls of Text on Reddit, and add sparkle with the occasional email to give it more substance.

(If that doesn’t sound like I’m being truthful about the ‘nice and easy’, that needn’t worry you, because we always have barricades at our disposal, and these are necessary no matter how gifted we both are. Yes, all things are a little intimidating at first, and I saw, for example, some extraordinary Satanic porn, all quite as fast and musically primal and hot-animal as popper-think tonight, and I sniffed it out only because I had based myself in actual carnality in the early evening. The details will come after awhile (it will probably take me longer than most), but there will then simply be a new kind of dialogue that even Plato didn’t know how to execute, given its difficulty.

Just did a few comments. It’s fairly ‘innocent’ there.

I don’t know if there’s private messaging there we could use, because after awhile, some of the very naive ones will not like my obscene tendencies. Some of them didn’t even know what poppers are, although it’s now mostly young guys at the clubs I go to who are using them (too much.)

A one-day Reddit webinar is sort of like what I imagine Werner Erhart’s EST training back in the 70s was like. But solved problem of off-topic *Walls of Text*, which won’t recur here, at least none will come from me. I couldn’t do them at reddit properly, but can just do them on my own blog and at Pornhub. Sorry if I caused problems.

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