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Tony Romano

Appeared in only one film, Hammerhead (1976), with Gordon Grant; and several Colt Magazines, and of course Colt photos featured in other magazines. Having a terrible time finding solo pics of him; of course, he did model with some of Colt’s best – Gordon Grant, Paul Barresi, and Al Parker.

Colt’s GALLERY 13 (Paul Barresi) , GALLERY 14 (Gordon Grant), GALLERY 15, pt 2 (Al Parker); SPURS 18, COLT STUDIO PRESENTS 8 (Gordon Grant), COLT STUDIO PRESENTS 10; Mandate Sept 1976; Honcho Aug 1978, Honcho Aug 1979 (Barresi).


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What?! No love or comments, for this sweet little angel? I would hate to think that you and I are his only fans.

Anyway, I absolutely adore Tony Romano! Ah, he was cute as a puppy – those soulful eyes! He had the same kind of warmth and charm, as that other Power Bottom – Beau Matthews.

I always feel the need to remind you, that his square forehead was just like Montgomery Clift’s. Plus the fact that he was a dancer by trade. He was a member of the Pacific Ballet.

His training accounts for his incredible body, especially his legs and ass.

Wow, just look at his thighs in this photo!

You’ll love this. I hope you appreciate the fact that I’ve done some investigating, so you don’t have to. I’m sure you’re aware of the gay publication, Vector Magazine, from the 70’s.

Here he is on the February 1973 cover, Volume 9, #2. I knew he had thick hair, but I was unaware that he would sometimes wear it curly, in a modified afro. I prefer him clean shaven with short hair.

Born in 1949, his real name was Michael Cappara. Sadly, he died from A.I.D.S. in 1988. : (

Here’s another picture of him dancing:×880.jpg

Here’s a close-up from the same picture. His eyes and mouth are unmistakable.

You can go ahead and call me a sissy-fag, but what I truly appreciated about him, was that he was so romantic! He kissed all his co-stars – Gordon Grant, Al Parker, and even Paul Barresi!

I’m correct in saying, that he was the only male partner that Barresi ever kissed, right?

Who knew, that Romano would bring out unexpected warmth, from this bastard?

Here’s another romantic Colt picture that I love, with Al Parker on the left. It’s only natural that Romano‘s sex-partners, would instinctively grab him by the ass. How I love raunch with warmth!

And of course, there are his scenes from “Hammerhead (1976)”. *SIGH*:

I always thought “House Boat (1977)” was Gordon Grant’s first Colt film. But evidently, it was “Hammerhead (1976)”.

I love the 4th picture down, that you posted from the ending of that film – just perfect!

Here’s another, which is one of my all-time favorite porn pictures! I always love to see Gordon Grant’s profile, when he puckers up for a kiss. I always appreciate the outline of his square jaw.

When I first saw this photo, decades ago, it made me swoon to the heavens. I felt like my head was floating.

As a closeted, guilt-ridden, Catholic teenager, I personally wanted to thank Jim French, for this beautiful image – rapture!

Just look at the color, the texture of their skin, and the position of their bodies – divine!

Okay, enough with the romance! Like every other self-respecting queer, I also have my raunchy side!

I always prefer Gordon Grant, when he plays the Top, the Power Fucker, the Big Boss Man – Large and In Charge!

In his Colt films, his partners – Tony Romano, Marty Palmer, and Paul Storr, all seem so honored, to be fucked by him! : )

In “Hammerhead”, Gordon fucks Tony real good!

Tony loves it! You see him mouth the words, “Oh baby! Oh baby!” When Grant cums, you see him mouth the word, “Christ!” : P

Here’s another scorching picture of them from “Hammerhead”. When Gordon flexes his muscles, it drives me wild – pure ecstasy!

You really need to post more pictures of Tony Romano, with his beautiful hide –bless him! Maybe that will get him more appreciation.

I’ve seen this bottom picture on endless Tumblr sites. Most queers probably don’t know that the ass belongs to Tony. Or what the origin of this photo is:

I’m only too happy to do my share! ; )

One last thing, I pretty sure you’re familiar with this website. Where else would you get so many photos? If not, the Vintage Section located at the top, would probably interest you.

Thank you Tony Romano, for all the pleasure you provided us. R.I.P.

And thank you BJ honey, for this gushy indulgence. I’m going to try and respond more often. ; )

so that’s a lot to absorb – I’ll follow up – meanwhile, one of our commentors went to one of the Tony links within my blog to comment – but meanwhile wanted to add a link, from one of the pics you provided – dancers we lost – Michael Cappara – I had no idea Tony was a dancer, but it’s like a big DUH! when you realize it, with his amazing body tone.

had no idea about the dancer stuff – amazing! The Vector photo – keep staring – NO WAY (and I agree, not my preferred hair style on him); Collectors Realm 3 – yes, I have it in my “drafts” folder for a posting; abd i promise to seek out more pics of him….. good quality with Gordon!

Yes, I noticed that comment from “Nick”. Thank you, Nick. I want to thank you as well, BJ, for that ballet link. I was thinking of adding it myself, but as you can see, my response was already too lengthy. I’ll be waiting for your follow-up response. You know I always value your opinion, whether we agree or not. : )

Thanks for the Mandate pic and response! You’re a gracious sweetie! Boy, back in the day, it really was the magazine for queers to own. It really was our “Playboy”. So sophisticated, and very generous with quality porn, and literary content. I miss having to give away my huge collection. Aside from Romano, just read who else was in this issue! Considering how territorial Jim French was, I’m surprised how he allowed them, to publish so many of his photos. I guess he really valued their publicity and advertising.

We can never get enough of Tony’s luscious booty! ; )

oh, Paul!…I’m still on a Barresi roll! Though my heart is with Tony!

I know we both adore Romano – cute as a puppy! Collectors Realm was an AMAZING website! I’m heartbroken that there’s no more access to it! All the links here have broken! : (

The eighth one down, with Tony and Paul is also broken. But HALLELUJAH! I’ve found another link below, to replace it! I feel I owe this, to our precious, Tony Romano! : )

I love this photo – very moving! As I’ve said before, it’s amazing that Paul Barresi was willing to show affection in print, but not on film. It’s the same deal with Barry Hoffman. : 0

(I hope these links work!)

Here’s another one of them together, that I also wanted to share with you! It’s lovely and casual. Do you think that Paul had a soft spot, for Tony?

“Both of these are for you Tony (eyes looking upward)! Hope you appreciate them, as well as this post!”

“BJ and I, will never forget you – angel! R.I.P. : )”

; )

I noticed the oddest coincidence here obsessed (and BJ), your previous comment was on 12 May 2020 and now you’ve commented here again exactly two years later! Do you have a reminder set on your phone or something? (kidding I just thought that was interesting). Tony did have a very sexy look though, and there are a bunch of pics here between the ones BJ posted and your own. Nice tribute for the guy.

Whoa! Great call zephyr! You have an incredible eye for minutia! Thanks for the shout-out!

Wow, I never even noticed this! It’s totally coincidental – downright eerie! It almost seems like divine intervention! I wonder if Tony himself had anything to do with this!

And it isn’t even the first time! I keep saying that BJ and I; are connected by psychic energy!

I’ll be thinking about a porn star or film, and sure enough, BJ will then post about the subject!

It almost seems like fate, brought us together. As vintage porn buffs, despite our differences; we often think alike, and remember the same thing. I’ll be forever indebted to BJ, for introducing me to GEVI!

I so appreciate that you remember Tony, and took the time to read this. Ah, wasn’t he adorable?

Isn’t it a trip, that I keep referring him to him as “Tony”, like I knew personally? I can’t help it! Some of my favorite porn stars; bring that out in me! Romano was all about sexual heat, and affection warmth!

His legacy wasn’t huge, but it was still memorable! Such a great, if limited, output! I hope you were able to see all the hot pictures; I was able to “appropriate” (i.e. steal), from Collectors Realm! was so incredible! So sad all their links broke! There’s got to be a way, to get back in!

I can’t leave, without posting another “expired” picture from CR3. Luckily, BJ posted this before. This was included in the 9th broken link, down.

I also love this picture! Once again, lust and affection combined! This time with Al Parker! As I said before; what I especially loved about Tony Romano, was that he was so romantic!

Isn’t zephyr great, BJ? It’s a tribute to you, that you attract such great readers! And now famous ones!

Thanks once again, zephyr – my breath of fresh air! Stay cool and breezy! : )

; )

Replying to both obsessed and BJ here, yeah as soon as I noticed the identical date two years apart I did a double take, just thought you’d appreciate that. I assumed it was coincidental, although looking at it in even closer scrutiny I see that the times were almost the same too — I see 10:30 am for the last of your 2020 comments, and 10:43 am for the one this year. Perhaps you’re onto something with your psychic connection here! Thanks for your kind words, I enjoy the dedication you put into your extended comments here, since that’s something I’ve been accused of myself. Guilty as charged, may as well own up to it.

So BJ, in the notes on this post from 2020 you said you’d had trouble finding pics of Tony solo, and listed some of the magazines he’d appeared in. Not sure if you’ve seen this site, it’s another relatively new blog as I understand it, and they have full or (in these cases) partial scans of a lot of older mags. Including Mandate Sept 1976 and Honcho Aug 1978. The Honcho one even has the pic of Al Parker and Mike Davis goofing around in the outhouse that you just posted recently. Anyway these could be pics you’ve got but on the off chance there’s something here you’ve been seeking, here are the links:


There are a lot more mags there, quite a few Adam Gay Video Guides which I’ve been working my way through as I remember a lot of the 90s films reviewed and with promo pics to go along with them. It might interest you (or obsessed, or some of your other readers and commenters) to check some of those out.

Finally, that “cowboy frank” site still has a lot of older Drummer mags, though they’ve moved to yet another url than the one I bookmarked when you mentioned it some time back. And it has also added 74 issues of Honcho, 11 of Mandate, 24 of Advocate Men and a few odds and ends. These are full scans, including all the ads and whatnot, which I always find more interesting to peruse than the ones with just selected pages. Though (at least for me) I can’t get the page to load as an “https” so I’d advise being wary about saving anything from there the standard way. Anyway the link that seems to be active now:

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