men in suits

men in suits

here’s a start – Glen Steers and Dave Connors – I am sure I’ve seen each in other suit photos; there’s Killer Joe, of course; I seem to remember a good Joe Porcelli…..

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I replied to you in the Buck Hayes thread, but just occurred to me that Giorgio might have done some in suits. I’m sure he looked (or looks) fantastic in them. Although he’s fine with just a red-and-white-checked shirt on..just wearing a shirt sometimes like that is what I call ‘dressing up’ too. Bulges show best in jeans, although young men now wear these tight suits that just have the effect of being too small for them. All the awards shows had this kind of look this year, and of course, with this dumb-ass period where some guys will even wear shirts that read “The Future is Female” (I saw about 15 in a photo all with this T-shirt, and thought I would die, it was demeaning and hideous), we can’t even show bulges on the street like we used to. That was another thing about your favourite period, the one I lived through–guys in tight light-blue (most frequently, and you never see those light-blue jeans anymore) jeans just showing basket all over the place. It was so fucking steaming hot on the street. Although the black jeans and the white jeans too. I especially like brown jeans, which I once saw so perfectly worn, with a lot of dick showing, that I have been wearing them ever since, and they’re hard to find.

Ummmmphhh Glen Steers! I find myself most attracted to guys who project an approachable warmth on film and Glen was one of these. It makes them even hotter to me. I surely miss him. This obituary appeared in the Bay Area Reporter, 1994, accessed via

Rick Sommers
Oct. 3, 1958 – Sept. 17,1994

Rick Sommers will live on in our hearts forever. He was a very loving,
caring man. He was best known for his good looks, beautiful
eyes and wit.

Rick was raised in England and came to San Francisco via Denver and Los Angeles. Rick met the love of his life, Lionel, in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, Lionel passed on, and Rick decided to move to San
Francisco. That’s when things really took off for him. Rick worked for
Falcon and was a Colt model under the name Glen Steers. He also
worked at McCormick and Kuleto’s Restaurant as a catering manager.

In his final days, Rick decided to spend his remaining time with
Margaret, his mother, in Slovakia. He is survived by his mother; father,
Andrew; grandmother, Molly; sisters, Karen, Elissa and Diane; brother,
John, his wife, Rosalind; niece, Krysta; nephews, Niki and Jamey;
uncle, John; and many dear friends. Rick, you have left us way too early, but you are now in a more peaceful place. You will be dearly missed.

A memorial service will be held Saturday, Oct. 1, at 2 p.m. at Most
Holy Redeemer Church, 100 Diamond, SF.

Hey, I insist. I’m not a size queen. Honest! That being said, I can’t deny where my eyes go, in this hot picture. What a tantalizing tallywacker! LOL!

I always mention Jack Wrangler, Michael Christopher, and Rocco Steele, as having the prettiest pricks in porn. I should probably add Glen Steers and Jake Tanner, to that list as well. : P

Jake Tanner’s pecker was so shiny and perfect. It looked like it was made out of rubber.

Normally, both Dave Connors and Jimmy Metz performed as tops. Glen Steers was quite a lucky dog. He got to fuck, both of them! He looked great, with or without a mustache.

Let me say a word about the “Men in Suits” theme. Let’s not forget that Colt was doing this, decades ago. Jim French was quite a pioneer. His influence can’t be underestimated.

MENatPLAY is quite a hot studio – a great collection of sensual, masculine, American and European models.

I have to admit though. I do sometimes get impatient, with the elegant novelty. I do want the performers in porn, to eventually get totally naked – starkers!

For example, I was looking forward to the pairing of Maxx Diesel and Fred Goldsmith in “Dark (2005)”. But sadly, I found it disappointing. : (

Strangely enough, GEVI doesn’t mention this credit for either Diesel or Goldsmith. (?) : /

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