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Dirty Words (pt 1)


Oh My! I haven’t watched this is like forever – nagging wife turns man gay! Just look at the look on Gordon’s face at 2:20 into the film, his wife telling him not to take too long in the Men’s Room! But in all seriousness, once Gordon is sitting on the toilet, puzzling over the graffiti, the camera just loves his face. It’s a nice chance to just enjoy how handsome he is… “make date. make date? hmmm, make date?” It’s nearly 5 minutes in before he unbuttons his shirt… the teasing! the torture! Please note this is only the first scene, so you are teased with Gordon, who then fantasizes about Big Bill Eld whacking off.

This is where I linked to at GEVI back in 2003 – Dirty Words – it has the right ad (black and white) and a correct reference or two, but it does not describe the correct film!

But this is the correct link to Dirty Words listing on GEVI, the first ad shows the correct pic, and the first description is this film, “A car is seen driving around a rural road and a whiny woman’s voice is heard bitching at her husband who is driving. The car pulls up to a rest area and Gordon Grant steps out as the wife’s voice continues bitching at him. He heads inside the rest area and starts jacking off while reading the dirty words and sexual gay graffiti on the walls, and the words lead into the following four loops, finally coming back to Gordon jerking himself to climax.”

this is my even MORE on Gordon Grant post from back in 2003

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I love Tom DeSimone’s thoughts on Gerald Grant: he was a piece of furniture. No personality, he did what you told him to do, and that was it. No emoting, no expressions. And apparently his agent/lover was a drag queen or transsexual who would accompany him everywhere? Fascinating guy to me regardless, and flawless perfection from head to toe, of course.

Surfing through the net, I’m delighted to learn that so many queers still remember him. It’s all the more remarkable, when you consider that he was only on the porn scene, for about five years (1975-1980), and only made about ten films.

Discovering him, I know I wasn’t the only one who thought he was such a revelation! There’s a reason why he became an icon. He’ll never be forgotten.

Like Michael Christopher, his fans far outnumber his detractors.

So you go right ahead, Casey. Give it your best shot. Words can’t bring him down. : )

For sentimental reasons, he’ll always be my absolute favorite. I’ll concede there are many more porn stars that can perform and act better. And by standard conventions of symmetry, there were many, who were more handsome. But in my humble opinion, no one has come close to matching his dignified macho grandeur, or his proud, exotic mysteriousness.

I think that Gordon Grant was the most majestically virile man, to ever appear in porn. He had a mythic presence. His brutally handsome face and sculptured body, made you imagine that he stepped right out of a painting, by Frank Frazetta or Boris Vallejo.

If he was just furniture, it was fit for a palace! I thought his acting in “Hot Truckin’” was just fine. Jim West, the director of “Dirty Words” said he was a joy to work with. Jim French from Colt said he took direction well.

I have nothing but respect, admiration, and appreciation, for Tom DeSimone, as a DIRECTOR. He truly was a pioneer. It still is a bit disconcerting though, to discover how dismissive he could be about his work, and the performers he directed. Did he think he was just slumming, until he hit the big time? I can’t help thinking; he was a bit of a snob. This from a director, who always worked low budget!

He wasn’t even accurate, about some of the details about Grant’s career. He said he became more versatile and demonstrative, later on. He didn’t realize that “Hot Truckin’”, was Gordon’s last film. It’s interesting that he chose not to make another film again. How was the experience from his end?

It’s fascinating to discover recently that Bob Damon, one of the co-stars of “Hot Truckin’”, was sexually involved with Tom DeSimone, when he directed that film. Could his hostility toward Gordon Grant, simply been a case of jealously?

Thanks once again for posting that Bijou Blog interview, BJ!

Casey, I still remember the positive things you said about Gordon Grant, from Atkol Forums. I suspect you’re still a fan. Albeit, not as big a fan as me and BJ. ; )

Oh I still aesthetically love Gerald Grant, but I get what Tom is saying. In my research in both straight and gay porn, I’ve spoken to several directors who have strong feelings about performers who had immense fan popularity. They either didn’t use them or didn’t like working with them because they didn’t bring the directors’ preferred sexual energy or drive to the project. For example, Shaun Costello has said he never wanted to work with Seka or Annette Haven, huuuuuuuuuge stars in the straight world, because they projected as cold, aloof, and had the wrong kind of sexual heat for his projects. He didn’t care how big they were, they weren’t right for him. So I get why Tom is so vocal about Grant’s shortcomings. Also, Bob Damon’s one hell of a better sexual performer than Gerald Grant, so there’s that, too. :)

Ugh can you tell I was functioning without coffee??!! And of course I can’t go back to edit my comment, d’oh!! LOL

Gerald Grant?! Huh?! I take it you’re not talking about Casey Donovan’s aka Calvin Culver, co-star in “Score (1972)”? Did Tom DeSimone work with him too? If that’s who you were talking about, then I guess I owe you an apology. : (

Just kidding. I know you made a mistake. I make them too. : )

I was hoping BJ, that you would have edited my use of the word, “jealously”. I meant to say “jealousy”.

As for you eva___nera (who?), I still look forward to your next comment.

; )

P.S.: Hey Casey, considering that this is BJ’s blog, maybe you should ask him, if it’s okay to post about straight porn. He’s not exactly a fan. (“Ewww!”)

Back in the day, I used to see quite a bit of it, myself. That was before I learned, where they showed gay porn.

I know where Shaun Costello is coming from, regarding Seka. She always left me kind of cold, as well. Annette Haven on the other hand, was quite beautiful. She looked like Gene Tierney. So I disagree with him there.

We both know that Brian De Palma, originally wanted Haven for “Body Double (1984). But he gave the part to Melanie Griffith. Hey BJ, did you see it? Michael Kearns has a bit part in it, as a straight porn actor. (!)

Actually Casey, you and BJ, share something in common. He mostly likes to talk about gay porn on film. He rarely talks about gay porn on video. You said you only like to watch porn women on film, and not on video.

I kind of see your point. I don’t really care for today’s women porn stars, with their bleached hair, collagen lips, and silicone breasts.

A lot of the women, back in the day were quite lovely: Marilyn Chambers, Tina Russell, Vanessa del Rio, Lisa De Leeuw, Leslie Bovee, Darby Lloyd Rains, Veronica Hart, Hyapatia Lee, Ona Zee, Kelly Nichols, etc.

You also had some older female stars like Georgina Spelvin (is she still alive?), Aunt Peg, and Gloria Leonard, who were very compelling.

BJ probably only knows about Georgina Spelvin and Sharon Kane. : )

When Julianne Moore was doing research for her role in “Boogie Nights (1997)”, she was struck by how so many, vintage porn actresses were genuinely gifted.

Okay, I pretty stop now, before BJ starts to gag! LOL! ; )

no need to ask about str8 porn – its disgusting, but if its just words, i can handle it – pictures?? NO F#CKING WAY!!!

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