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Hot Breakfast

AKA The Best of Griffin pt 3“the final segment to this unique series is for the viewer who gets off on thick, creamy come scenes. Eight, carefully chosen “comers” blow your mind as their tight bodies, in total action, build up to, and finally let go their heavy spurting loads. They ultimate in gushing climaxes.”

also available from the VHS (later DVD) compilation called “HOT JOBS”

BJ points for naming as many stars as you can!

2 replies on “Hot Breakfast”

I’ll get the ball(s) rolling by taking the most obvious one to jump out at me, that’s Jack Wrangler from 3:22 to about 3:40, on the right of the screen. Paired with “Biff” from The Ranch Dudes, unless I’m mistaken — which happens when I look at porn I don’t know as well as the very late 70s/most of the 80s period where I’m better at placing the clues. Might one of the guys on the striped sheets have been Steve York? Even if that’s the extent of my contribution I always get a good chuckle out of the voice-over dubbed dialogue … ‘oh God that’s like a telephone pole!’ LOL

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