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Ben Chapin

Ben Chapin (AKA Michel Guillot) with a buddy named Marty – Target Studios

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Always fantastic to get more of him. Since people (including you) sometimes compare pornstars to mainstream stars, I’d say he was like the Jean-Paul Belmondo of porn (from one of the faces in your archives.)

One of the best musculatures, and face and hair make him look a bit German. The muscles on John Long you put up the other today were different from any I’ve ever seen: He had muscles where I didn’t know there were muscles, and was so trim in the extreme , you could see every one of them in his arms, torso, legs. His was a ‘swimmer’s body’, and there were muscles I’ve never seen even on a ballet dancer. Guillot is more normal a fabulous body–but nothing ordinary about it.

Only perfect-muscled body I’ve seen you post I like even better than these is ‘Pool Boy’.

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