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Jeff Stone

who you may remember from such films as

  • The Subway (1980)
  • Oil Rig #99 (1981)
  • Tough Guys (1982)
  • Cum and Get It (1983)
  • In the Name of Leather (1983)
  • Red Ball Express (1983)
  • Trisexual (1983)
  • Juice (1984)
  • Mind Games (1984)
  • More Mind Games (1984)
  • Cherokee Station (1984)
  • Hard Disk Drive (1985)
  • The Punishment of Gary Wilde (1985)

These last 3 I have some doubts; was he really in them, and are these dates accurate?

  • Cocks & Throbbers (1994?)
  • Grunts (BIC) (1994?)
  • Drill Me Sir! (2003?)

who you may also remember from such magazines as

  • Mandate, August 1981 (centerfold)
  • Blueboy, December 1981 (cover)
  • HONCHO, February 1982 (cover)
  • HONCHO, April 1983
  • Stallion, January 1983 (cover)
  • ZIPPER 1983 (cover)
  • (cover)

and how about a little promo from one of my favorite Jeff Stone films – Joe Gage’s (Mac Larsen) Tough Guys; where “leatherman” Jeff Stone is working out, pumping iron in his leather chaps (yes, in leather gear!) as a burglar (Bob Shane) is in the loft attempting to crack a safe. Roy Garrett sneaks up on him with a gun, and foils his attempt.

and yes, that was Giorgio Moroder’s – Pauls’ Theme (Jogging Chase) from the Cat People Original Soundtrack!

you can see Jeff Stone at GEVI

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I’ve never seen the full film, is there more Giorgio music or just this song from the preview? If you happen to know that is. Gage used a wide variety of music sources in the working man films.

good question – short answer is I don’t know; long answer is I’ll have to add a “Tough Guys video/music” post to my long list of draft posts!

Okay, BJ honey.

Since we can’t sit under the apple tree, you know I wouldn’t do this for anyone else, but you! : )

I have a feeling you already know about these links, but in case you don’t, consider this a belated Christmas gift. : )

We’ve had our disagreements, but I only tease, in order to please. I never lose sight of the fact that ultimately, this is YOUR website, and what you like, is what’s most important.

If I had a website, I can’t say, that I would be as generous and gracious as you are. I’m naturally, pretty selfish and narcissistic. : (

Although this is a porn site, I can’t get too cocky! Did you get that? Hey, I thought it was funny. LOL!

You have a thing for this Jeff Stone guy. So who am I to judge? : /

I know I said I would take the high road, but you can only take it for so long, that your nose starts to bleed. I have to be true, to my inner bitch. So go ahead and attack me! You have my permission. : )

Personally, I think he has the face of an emoji, or an emoticon. I may have seen him before, but I can’t remember. There’s no there, there!

You should feel honored, that I refer to him, as ‘the dude that BJ likes’. How else can I remember? But hey, that’s just me. Different strokes (!) for different folks!

You don’t like David Carter, so that makes us even.

Evidently, Buck Naked is also a fan! Go figure. (?)

Here’s a link from Retro Studs, for three posts. They’re from 11-7-20, 4-21-17, and 12-27-16; a total of 38 pictures! Meh.

Did you know that he used the name, Jess Stone, for the August 1981 issue of Mandate magazine?

Here’s an 11-7-18 post, with eight pictures! Z Z Z Z z z z z

Now to be fair, I will concede that he does have a decent enough body and ass, but I wouldn’t call it electric!

I could probably bring myself, to fuck him from behind. But if he would want it missionary style, I would insist, on a bag over his head! LOL! Just kidding!

Love ya, mean it!

Happy New Year!

; )

i love your contributions – even your scoldings! Jeff Stone, I’ve posted about him frequently, can’t recall giving my opinion about his looks – this much I will admit to – he has the “New York look” that I was most curious about when I arrived in the City back in 1983…. it’s the mustache! he’s hotter in action than stills for sure – except a few of these sweaty ones – the links to retrostud, I had seen many of them, but the ones I didn’t have, i do now! the sweaty back with beer sprayed on it??? HOT!

and while I love that RetroStuds is so generous with the number of photos, I just don’t care to post a whole photospread from a magazine, as I am trying to give my look to my site, not just posting everything published – look at the BUDDIES IN HEAT post – too too much! I liked a few mustaches full of cock pics, but no, no I don’t need all that – that goes on the hard drive (actually, I got exhausted…. some went on the hard drive)

but thanks – and Jess Stone – i doubt very much Jeff had anything to do with that – magazines were notorious for messing names up, or having no names at all – Honcho is the worst… but it gives us pornographers something to do late at night on a January in early 2021….

is that the most attractive pic? no, of course not – but it does SAY something, doesn’t it?

Watching PUNISHMENT OF GARY WILDE now and yes, Jeff Stone is in this, as one of the two men “punishing” Gary Wilde (the other is Jesse Fairweather). This is real garbage, with an original score by Christopher Rage so I wonder if he was involved in any larger way than just the soundtrack. There are no other production credits, though it was shot at the Broadway Baths (owned by P.M. Productions, who had previously hired Rage to shoot some quickies for them). The advertising for this claim Gary “just turned 18”, but he looks younger, like an underage runaway drugged and thrown in front of a camera, deeply uncomfortable throughout, so it actually is gross seeing Stone and Fairweather involved with this production…

Gary Wilde I had only heard of recently, he’s featured in two magazines from around 1985 – GARY WILDE AND THE BOYS Nr 1 (1983) and GARY WILDE AND THE BOYS Nr 2 (1984) – I think he can pass for 18, but skinny, drugged, and runaway theory – I wouldn’t doubt it! the magazine has other too young for my taste guys as well. While I’d love to see the film just to see the other two, I am more interested in the tagged on solo scene by Freddie Manuel – but solos are, almost always disappointing.

I’ve seen those Gary Wilde mags before, and also watched the punishment video Casey mentioned. I had the same feeling, hope this guy was 18 because he really doesn’t look it yet. Actually I thought that Gary at least somewhat resembled Billy Houston but I hope to goodness that’s not a correct match, as Billy had a d.o.b. of 1970 when he got in legal trouble for the pair of murders he admitted to in Oklahoma in the 00s.

And then much more recently, Billy H. was interviewed about the death of a different Billy, Billy London who was in Head Of The Class and had just started directing. I mentioned that case, did you hear about it? Billy L. was found decapitated in a dumpster in L.A. in October 1990, the case went cold but after reopening it the guy (now a trans woman) who had been Billy H. confessed to killing him too. I thought I heard that Rachel Mason was working on a true crime documentary or maybe even series about the incident with the Billys, she’s the woman whose parents ran Circus of Books and did that doc.

Unfortunately that solo is awful, too, but it’s very similar to the Eddie Ortiz solo in Christopher Rage’s BEST OF THE SUPERSTARS, again making me wonder…was he more involved with this than just contributing the music? The connections are all there…

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