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Leo Hooks

OK, I admit it – while the muscles weren’t enough to grab my attention (well, maybe those thighs!), once I started digging, and saw these pics of Mr. Hooks in Mandate’s October 1981 issue – damn! that face! I have yet to find good, high quality (hi-res) photos of Merek Flint… but I’ll be working on it. Future (far in the future) post: Zeus models who had had other names – like Ryder Knight = (NOVA’s) Bo Richards; Joe Paducah = (Colt’s) Pat Webb; Ray Medina = (Colt’s) Julio Campas….. I know there are more….

more ZEUS on BJland

note to self: check on In Touch #62; there may be a decent pic there.

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Yes, but all means! Post whatever you can about Merek Flint/Leo Hooks! There can never be too much!

His darkly gorgeous, round face was so interesting! Not to mention, his great body!

I’ll keep asking this question about Jim French, ad infinitum. WHERE DOES HE FIND THESE GUYS?!

To return to the Greek/Roman analogy, so many of his models were, for lack of a better word, gods, or at least, demi-gods!

I have a fantasy hypothesis scenario, that Jim French would make intermittent trips to Mount Olympus, on the wings of Pegasus. This was before I discovered that he was notoriously fat.

That would have been quite a labor, for poor Pegasus.

You may or not know that there is a gay porn website called, “Gods Amongst Men”. : )

I used to enjoy it, but the owner has gotten way too political, for my taste.

Once again, a Greek/Roman analogy! ; )

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