"vintage" porn stars

Loren Marks

who you may remember from such films as

  • Three is a Dream – in the collection Every Which Way(1983/4?)
  • Alley Cats – in the collection Every Which Way (1983/4?)
  • Heads Up – – in the collection Triple Treat (1983)
    and these publications:

  • Colt Men 13 (1984)
  • COLT CALENDAR MEN #4: Leather

barber shop with Doug Weston, funky alley sex with Beau Matthews, and a 3-way with J W King and Todd Baron – not bad for only 3 films!

3 replies on “Loren Marks”

thanks for publishing; always found Loren very hot and he seemed to love to bottom. the photo of him getting his ass eaten is with another Colt stud named Will Garrett that you posted a week or so ago. when Loren came, he really spurted a big load.

Ah, isn’t he just adorable – an irresistible, sweet little stud-muffin! : )

Good job posting about him. I told you it was a good idea!

He’s among those porn cuties, who look so luscious and delicious, that they almost seem edible. Just from the top of my head, I can name of few of them.

Aside from Loren, I would also add Fred Goldsmith, Bruce Craig, Carlos Morales, early Matt Cole, and of course, Eric Stryker, the quintessential stud-muffin – hot, sweet, and scrumptious! : P

When I look at these squeezable critters, I almost feel like I could snarf them, in a single gulp! They probably wouldn’t want me as a lover. I’d be too demanding! I could never stop, wanting to fuck them! LOL!

#2 – Just look at Loren’s precise facial features – the round forehead, the flat straight eyebrows, the strong jaw-line and chin, the high cheek bones, the slightly pouty mouth! And those bullet nipples! I wonder if they’re sensitive. *SWOON*

I hope the color of his eyes in this photo is real, and not just a visual enhancement. I can’t tell if they’re green, amber, or hazel.

#1 & 4 – And of course, what a great body – nice dick, bubble booty, and glowing skin! Thank God, no tattoos! Tan-lines are forever! I’d want to fuck him, to exhaustion! LOL!

I wish he would have made more films, with better quality. Of his three Colt loops, only the one with Doug Weston, “Heads Up (1983)”, is well photographed. The loops are satisfying, but they’re not GREAT! That’s strange, considering that this is COLT, and not some lesser studio. : /

He’s such a frisky, enthusiastic, playful performer! He deserves to make films, where the settings don’t look so cramped or contrived. He could have been a bigger star, if only he made more films! : (

#3 – I’m glad to see that you’re paying attention to me. This is the picture that I mentioned before, from Colt #13. Do you think that Will Garret is actually rimming Marks? Or is it just a simulation? Garret looks hard, so who knows?

Do you have more pictures of their hot layout? If so, by all means, post them! They look great together! As I said before, if only this photo layout, was an actual hardcore loop!

I LUV his expression, in the last photo! “You’re a bad, bad boy. Go to my room!”

Okay, I’d better stop gushing. As usual, I went way over. I really need to edit myself.

Let me commend you once again, BJ honey, for another great post! I now forgive you, for mentioning the bags under Will Garret’s eyes.

I tweak you mercilessly, but I trust you to know, that it’s mostly in jest. I scold, but not because I’m cold. Our disagreements can’t compare, to how much I appreciate you!

You’ve really been on a roll, lately. I’ve given up, trying to keep up with you. Don’t be surprised, when I comment retroactively. I’m always pressed for time.

I’m actually relieved, when you have a rare post, that doesn’t interest me. I like it, when I don’t feel such a desperate need, to comment. I’m such a horny blabbermouth! LOL!

You already know, that I think your website is fantastic!

Keep it up! Uh, the posting I mean!

; )

Wow! Once again you have showcased a man I had not seen before, and Loren is stunning. I found his scene with Doug Weston (always delightful) last night and enjoyed it very much. Oh, those nipples and the way he tweaks them while being serviced!

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