afternoon with Erron

Afternoon Idyll – apparently not released commercially until 2008 – can’t tell if it was ever offered as an 8MM

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The intro music is here again the same from the remastered Chute, as I remarked on another some weeks back. But then this one quickly leaves that off and develops into some attractive enough music. Curious, though, to find that them used already 3 times that I know of–the whole thing in the Colt remastered one. Disappointing too, it should have been unique to the original, especially here, when much other musical development ensues.

i knew I had heard the music before, and I guess I just don’t expect much in terms of musical soundtracks…. so no disappointment to me – but knew you’d know where it was used before/also. despite what many think, there isn’t that much $$ in porn, and doing original music? crazee!

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