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First in line is definitely Donnie Russo (the tats tell all!) who is my Porn God. Oh, the woe that he’s not here more often (and that his face was cut out of the pic!)

awww, sorry about the slight – he DOES have a good face, it just didn’t fit the vibe I was going for – so here’s the fuller version, and a bonus, from the same magazine, KINKY SUPERSTAR

Do you know who is the beautiful young blonde sucking in the 7th picture down, the next to last? That’s one of my ‘types’, sort of like Lance. I meant to ask earlier. He wears a delicious Prick very well too–no other clothes needed.

I am trying to narrow it down, his I.D. – its from the magazine MAGNUM GRIFFIN #2 (1981) – but I have yet to identify the likely film, which might then help identify the models in that photo… but working on it! (possibly Mark and Duane)

OK – got it now – from HOT TUB BOYS “Two blonde beauties, Thor and Freddie set the pace for this sex capade in the hot tub. When dark-haired Tony , the towel boy, joins them, the action speeds up. It’s a game of musical chairs, in and out of the tub, rimming, sucking, fucking. A wild 3-way to everyone’s delight!”

Thank you for all that much work! 1981 is the first listed, and they obviously didn’t do too many films. Thor actually looks hotter with Freddie’s gorgeous Prick in his mouth than on the GEVI page. Using the name ‘Thor’ is a little over-the-type for this boyish type–lovely, but not big super-macho or Tom of Finland.

haha! yeah, “Thor” does conjure up slightly different expectations – here’s another pic from the magazine – I think the one I posted in the main post was the best from what I nabbed off the eBay auction (and I took the liverty of chopping off head, to focus on that cock!

Yes, you’ve done that a couple of times I noticed recently–cutting off the head to feature the cock–and it has worked wonderfully. The picture in the main post looks lusciously erotic, and I think that the one just above with your comment shows who it belongs to–he looks even sexier than ‘Thor’, so I guess that’s Freddie, but they’re all pretty cute young boys. Freddie’s hands on Tony are almost like a painting–maybe Raphael, definitely prettier than Caravaggio–just very charmingly innocent.

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