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Gus Kubeck (top), who you may remember from such COLT magazines as: COLT STUDIO PRESENTS 10: Men At Work; and COLT SPURS 14: Tough!…. along with….some other (lucky)COLT guy…

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Wow! I had completely forgotten about this really sexy Colt man. There were only two photos of him dressed as a fire fighter in Colt Studio Presents No10: Men at Work. I had no idea he was in Spurs No14 as well, although only on two pages once again. I haven’t seen the photo above though and didn’t know about the photo set with Mark Rutter. I assume he was photographed by Jim French around the mid 1980s based on CSP10’s publication date of 1988 and Spurs 14’s pub date of 1986? Anyway, great stuff. So exciting to find out more about one of the many lesser known, “print-only” Colt men! Thanks BJ!

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