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alas, there are not as many Gordon Grant ass shots as you’d hope for… I’m open to seeing more, of course. The above 2 are from 1976, courtesy of Man’s Image – #2 is perhaps my all-time fave of Mr. Grant’s backside; below, of course, from COLT’s OLYMPUS #3 (1975) with Marty Palmer (who apparently did a solo photo set!) – but of course we are only getting a side view. Does Marty actually get his face in Gordon’s ass in House Boat? Has anyone on film? Somewhere on my blog I am sure the “plaid butt” Gordon picture must be, right?

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Touché BJ!

Oh my God! You’re killing me! You went nuclear against my argument! You win! Bravo!

Damn! I’ve never seen the first picture! Where the hell did you find this? : 0

Once again, you’ve been holding out on me! Indeed, that ASS! His Majesty had a royal rump!

The second photo is fine, but what’s really important to me, is that you can totally identify his face!

Porn is most effective, when it shows personality! That’s why I also love the “plaid butt” picture – one of my favorites! I made sure to include it my appallingly, self-indulgent paean to him – 42 picture links!

(You never did tell me, if I was forgiven? I hope everyone got a chance to see it, while the links haven’t broken.) : )

I so love butt shots, when the model is looking over his shoulder – so flagrant, yet coy! He’s looking at you, while you’re looking at him – total control!

That’s why I also love this playful, rear photo – Roy Dean also had a sense of humor! This, I also included!

I love the expression in his eyes in the first photo! He always has a way of drawing you in – daring you, tempting you! That’s why he never fails to hypnotize me! : 0

I love the sun freckles on his back and shoulders!

I tell ya! He was the total package: face, body, dick, and of course ass! Tell me, God doesn’t exist! LOL!

Thanks also, for the hot pictures with that beautiful angel, Marty Palmer! I had no idea; he had a solo photo set!

As I said before, the Colt loops really aren’t that explicit – basically soft core. This is about as explicit as “Houseboat” gets. It’s photographed far away. But I still love it!

The color photo of them has an interesting, sexual position. It’s not included in the film. It implies that Marty is fucking Gordon, while sucking him off, at the same time – acrobatic! : 0

I love the last picture – the expression on Marty’s face. He’s honored to be fucked by G.G.! : P

Once again, I love you for this, BJ! And you did this so fast! You’re always full of surprises! : )

You’re a celebration in itself! Thanks!

; )

Oooh boy, BJ honey! I’d better post this new reply, while it’s still fresh. My steel-trap memory isn’t as reliably shut, as it once was. I’m liable to forget. : /

It doesn’t help, that you’re constantly posting new enticing topics, which distract me! Monkey wrenches are being thrown, left and right! I can’t possibly keep up with you! If only I could respond to all of your posts! But I have other things to do, other than replying to you and Parisian! : (

I see that I’ve actually been kicked off, from the “Recent Comments” column, located on this blog’s bottom left! My narcissistic ego won’t stand for that!

Once again, it’s back to this beautiful beast’s, bodacious bottom! I love that you described it as a “lovely, powerful ass”! Truly, his backside was bewitching – bar none!

Gordon’s glistening glutes, were great, glamorous, and glowing – truly glorious!

I want to positively prove to you, that pictures of his pleasing, plush, posterior, were plentiful and not paltry! One of the most peerless, powerful, and paramount, in porn! Just palpable!

(I hope all this palpitating doesn’t make me sound too perverted!)

Since you’re a fan of rimming, I’m surprised you didn’t remember this still from “Dirty Words aka The Crotch Watcher (1976)” with Chris Burns (No, not THAT Chris Burns!) servicing him.

But as usual, I digress…

Buck Naked has been on fire lately – bless him! On November 15, 2020, he posted eight stills from “Flatbed (1976)”.

Remember? It was the Colt loop that was featured in the lesbian movie, “The Kids Are Alright (2010)”.

I know you weren’t impressed with my last picture post from this Colt loop. Maybe this shot, among three, will change your mind. : )

As I’ve said before, the three loops that His Majesty did for Colt, are my favorite among his films – various reasons. Photographed outdoors in the direct sun, he’s never looked so breathtaking!

He shows a warmer range than in his later films. He smiles more and kisses! His three partners are handsome enough, to be worth of him. They all seem so honored, to be fucked by him!

I tend to appreciate when the partners in all-male porn, appear to have equal footing.

That’s not the case with Mr. Grant – exception! I like it when he plays the ruthless Top, the Power Fucker, the Big Boss Man – large and in charge! I love watching him fuck!

Personally, I think it’s as powerful and exciting, as watching a stallion rear up, on its hind legs!

He fucks the three Colt hotties, real good! : P

It curious that I first saw still pictures from all three loops, in Colt publications, before I ever saw the loops themselves. We’re talking about a period of ten years, or a little less. It was obviously, by design.

Since I couldn’t order the 8 mm films, I had to wait until they were released on video, in the late 80’s. I believe Hammerhead and Flatbed, were filmed and released in 1976 – House Boat in 1977.

No doubt, Jim French, no fool, filmed and photographed them, right after each other. He then delayed the loops’ release, in order to create publicity and anticipation, by first selling the publications – pretty savvy!

I believe these photos were featured in Gallery #14, as “House Boat” was featured in Olympus #3.

(Click to enlarge!)

Gordon looks magnificent, shirtless, wearing jeans – teasing! I love how his body is positioned, and where his hands are placed – hot! What a fucking stud! Be still my heart and my dick!

In my youth, my fantasies involving G.G. would alternate between HAVING him, and BEING him – pretty rare, among my other porn favorites! *SWOON!*

This large picture on the left, with Gordon grabbing Paul by the ankles, is the picture I especially wanted you to see! God Damn! Fuck that ass!

I saw a variation of this photo in the magazine; I believe was called, “Colt Video View #1”. You see more of his profile, where he’s clenching his teeth and mouth! It gave me the vapors!

Whenever G.G. tenses and flexes his body and muscles, it drives me wild! : 0

Just look at his back, arms, and ass – mercy! Also notice the deep indentations, in his lower back – savage and powerful!

This picture is at the end of the loop. On film, you see Gordon pull up his pants, and then tuck away his dick, like it was a power tool – the job was done! LOL!

Notice the bottom last shot. As I’ve said before, whenever G.G. smiles or grins, it makes his cheekbones more prominent – just perfect! You can figure out the charming ending. What a great, proud service!

Is it any wonder, why he’s my favorite? : )

I should probably qualify my previous description of his Colt loops, as basically being “soft core”. A more accurate description would probably be “semi-hardcore”.

You see erections, but not any mouth or anus, being graphically, penetrated.

Tony Romano in “Hammerhead” is shown on his knees, sucking off G.G., but only in shadow silhouette.

Hardcore fans probably won’t find them satisfying, but I sure do! : )

Gordon Grant is forever!

; )

a lot in there – but minor thing – I know CHRIS BURNS has been the name attributed to that blond, but I am quite sure it was a mistake many years ago, and the name, even distinguishing it from the “real” Chris Burns is a mistake – I don’t think there’s ever been an actual I.D of him.

yup, saw the FLAT BED post – good quality pics! and yes, I remember the appearance of it in The Kids Are Alright

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