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Steve Taylor

who you may remember from such films as

  • Weekend Lockup (1978) – uncredited!
  • Inches (1979)
  • Wanted (1980)
  • Flashback (1981)
  • Performance (1981)
  • Games (1982) non-sex role?
  • Dangerous (1983)

  • Therapy (1985) – nonsex tearoom policeman
  • Oversize Load (1986)

I suppose I should pull out the biography of Al Parker to get some basic info on Steve; we all know he’s Al’s lover, and wasn’t in any films without Al. Finding pics of him where he’s not blowing someone is a challenge, so I imagine that was his favorite activity, right?? !!

note: GEVI has The Young Stimulators (1985), a Robert Prion film listed – I really doubt Taylor worked with Prion, so I don’t list it above – I can only imagine how common the name “Steve Taylor” would be. Of course below I have a link to other Steve Taylor posts, but here’s some highlights: my-balls-your-butt – just the look on Steve’s face! and of course, what-a-performance – from Performance, a clip of Nick Rodgers briefly fucking Steve’s face. Games – I’m gonna have to dig that one out to figure out if Steve is indeed only used as the publicist, or is that his cock in the first scene?

just want to pause a moment here. The below pic, as poorly cropped as it is, is the best I could find highlighting his lovely furry chest; browns, whites, gray hairs. mmmmmmm

Bonus points for identifying the co-star in this last photo! more Steve Taylor

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according to Al Parkers biography, Clone, a childhood accident involving swallowing bleach left him with no gag reflex. Hence he could completely deep throat Parkers’ cock, something few could do with ease. There was also the scene I forget in which movie, where he takes both of Al’s balls up his ass

I forgot to add that he was incredibly sexy. Great beard and chest hair. Even in todays porn he would look great, especially in a Joe Gage film

I previously, also wanted to bring up Steve Taylor’s childhood drinking accident; which Murphy related from the Al Parker biography “Clone”, but I kept on forgetting. : /

According to author, Roger Edmonson, Richard Cole’s (Steve Taylor) upbringing in Maine, was very sad – time spent in foster care. Before he got involved in porn, he worked for Boeing.

To elaborate on Taylor’s drinking accident, as part of his healing process; he would regularly go to the doctor, to make sure that the scar tissue in his throat – wouldn’t stick together. Gradually, the M.D. would insert a steel, medical instrument down his throat, and stretch it open. Hence, Taylor developed no gag reflex. : )

As I’ve said before, I adored Steve Taylor! I thought he was so underrated and unheralded – so sensual yet dignified! I first discovered him about 1979, at the Century Theater in Hollywood.

They showed a trailer for “Inches”, for their next coming program. Although Al Parker was the star, it was Taylor, who caught my attention. He looked like an aging satyr. I returned of course, the next week. : P

He was among the number of “mature” stars, which I first appreciated, in all-male porn. He was already 38, when he and Parker made their first film together, “Weekend Lockup” from Falcon Studios in 1978.

He reminds me a lot of British actor, John Castle, or Bill Travers, from “Born Free”. Parker thought he looked like action figure, “G.I. Joe”. : )

Parker and Taylor were so moving and hot, in “Wanted”. I love the third picture down. Steve’s about to seduce Al, in the barn – Taylor’s soft hair and arched eyebrows!

These two pictures are also very nice. *SIGH*

You’re correct in saying that it’s hard to find a picture of Steve Taylor, directly facing the camera. I can only think of three. The rest of them are profile shots.

The 8th picture down, with the brick wall behind him, is the one that Joe Gage featured on his blog, on January 28, 2016.

Here’s one that you provided on January 24, 2015 with Will Seagers:

I know you don’t really appreciate this photo of him that GEVI used for his profile. I think it looks just fine – his soft brown hair and beard! Who cares about the “gut suck”, but YOU? ; )

Well, maybe you can better appreciate this version, since it’s cropped. : )

What do you think?

Okay, I know that the last photo is from the 1980 Surge Studio publication, “Surf’s Up”. Taylor has a three-way, with a blond and a brunet – both mustached.

But the pair isn’t individually identified. Who are Jack Hudson and Brad Scott, and their corresponding bodies – the blond and the brunet? Do you know – and if so, how? : /

One last thing…

The one trait, that always amazes me about all-male porn, is that so many of the performers; possess such an innate sense of dignity, and graceful bearing. A gravitas, if you will. : 0

Aside from Steve Taylor, I can also think of Aiden Shaw, Richard Locke, Tyler Scott, Logan Reed, Arpad Miklos, Tyler Saint, Toby, Clift Parker, Brandon West, among others.

You even find that quality among such muscle bruisers like Ledermeister, Gordon Grant, Dakota, and Michael Christopher.

I find this quality, very moving. It shows that most gay men (all?) have both an aesthetic/spiritual side, along with their sensual/raunchy side. : )

I know a lot of people will probably say that I’m just exposing my homosexual chauvinism. : )

Maybe I’m not qualified to make such a generalization. That could be true. I haven’t viewed straight porn, in a long time.

In my younger days, I viewed quite a bit of it, before I discovered where they played all-male porn. In my limited experience, I just never remember viewing straight male performers, as having this same quality. : (

Anyone is free to think, that I’m out to lunch! : )

; )

Hi, is the man in the last photo Jack Hudson? I think it’s from a scene which I have only seen as a photo set in several mags, most notably, Surge Studio’s mag “Surfs Up” (as the other reader commented). It’s a really scorching three-way with Steve Taylor, Jack Hudson (the brunet) & Brad Scott (the blond). I don’t remember how it is I think I know which model is which. My ancillary brain (computer) has better memory than I do and that’s how I have them labeled. Pics from this set also appeared in the Jan 1982 issue of Honcho and I think another Surge mag: Raunch. I love this entry. Steve Taylor has always been underrated and never got as much attention as he deserved.

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