I Do

Director: Steve Scott (1984) – this scene Steve Collins and Dean London

In this film, the groom’s brother “tricks” the whole (male) wedding party into having plenty of GAYSEX before the wedding. I love it, just enough plot to be interesting, but nothing to strain the acting abilities of the models. Of course, Steve Collins is the exception. Steve Collins is a tailor who talks the best man into a blowjob…slowly talking him into it as the best man feebly protests….but still manages to shoots a nice load at Collins’ face… Collin’s is just so smooth in his “no one will know” encouragement! “Don’t worry, it’s OK, you’ll like it.” it’s sexy and fun. The Beau Matthews scene is pretty hot, too! oh… and the barber scene with Joe Marconi / Joe Roberts!

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Super-hot excerpt honing in on Steve Collin’s acting chops. You’re right. He did an amazing job of edging on the young man (who looked no more than 18) to the point of orgasm. Me thinketh the lad protested too much, while loving every moment of it, esp. Steve’s “head” licking forte. AT some point, I would like to watch the entire movie, “I Do” because the plot sounds way too tantalizing.

As a PS: I’ve read on the Net that Steve Collins is still going strong out in Cali, he seems a great guy who is a real people person. {I get that vibe from him}.

welcome to the club! and yes, Steve is alive; I believe an buddy of mine has been in contact to interview him (Steve Collins) – if anything gets published, I’ll alert my readers

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