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The Last Surfer

Director: Toby Ross (1983?)

Starring: Michael Christopher, Jake Scott, Daniel Holt, Jeffrey Folger, Paul Cambrose, Stefen Peach, Broderick Sterling, Tony Roco, Tad Ryan, Kathi Stewart, Claudette Folger (Michael’s GF)

I know better than to purchase an EZ-Rider version of a porno – they always have missing scenes, or chopped up scenes / movies – or randomly extra scenes from another movie entirely. But, I think it was less than 10 bucks with shipping, and this little tidbit from Gay Erotic Video Index In 2013, Toby recovered the rights to this video reedited some of the sound and added a documentary segment. Scene 3 was edited out. Scene 5 was added in (??). intrigued me. Above is scene 3, and I can’t figure out why it would get cut. Below is Scene 5, but seems too short. (it does have a coming out scene – kinda funny, but cute). But despite all that, what is terrible about scene 3 is that the poor dude can’t handle Michael Christopher’s cock! If the premise was that it’s his first time, then OK. It’s just oral, and it’s supposed to be his fantasy, but he looks soooo goshdarn unhappy!

Another mystery, when I sold it back in 2002, I indicated it was 59 minutes; the version I have now, same EZ Rider box, clocks in a mere 55 minutes; GEVI gives it 63 minutes, without referencing if that is the old (1983) or new (2013) version. I’m not buying the DVD to find out, but of course am curious if anyone who has it can time it. I’ve seen it for salw occasionally on eBay, and of course on Amazon.

Readers interested in music – the music selection was by Bill Landis and included : Shop Around, Run Around Sue, Wooley Booley, Alley Oop, Where Did Our Love Go, Soldier Boy, I’m Your Puppet, 96 Tears, Love Potion #9, and more!)

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You can tell Bill Landis selected the music by picking an oldies radio station and recording some of the songs, a few times in the first clip you hear a DJ voice and it seemed like he said the name of a station really quickly but I couldn’t place it. I guess the modern equivalent of his contribution would be a spotify playlist? It wasn’t much after 1983 that pre-recorded popular music all but disappeared from studio porn, once the record companies realized that as many (if not more) people were buyng videotapes than seeing the films in theatres and bookstores, therefore they were also buying the audio soundtrack.

Even Michael still looks fairly young in this one, though not as much as he did in Shore Leave where he was very fine, amongst others.

oh the music! Steve Scott did the radio station audio well, it really felt like it was on in films like Heavy Equipment in the glory hole scene, for example. My favorite (for funny reasons) is Making It Huge, and am surprised I haven’t done a post on it – but being from 1985, they had B-52’s.,etc – but then apparently got noticed, and tried to redo the soundtrack, and they got all the voices out of sync – another on my “to do” list!

Hey BJ, I just did a reddit review of Cruisin’ 57, directed by Toby Ross. If you or whoever sees this comment might be interested, the link is here:

A few things about it, first the music (cue a gif of Gomer Pyle saying “surprise, surprise, surprise!”) and it tied into our comments above. In Cruisin’ you hear the name of the oldies radio station he stole that audio from a couple of times, it was WMEX 1510 AM out of Quincy, Mass. I was able to identify eight songs for sure, in order:

– The Diamonds, Hello Darlin’
– Lee Andrews & the Hearts, Long Lonely Nights
– Shep & the Limelites, Daddy’s Home
– Johnny Burnette, Dreamin’
– The Champs, Tequila (plays twice)
– Jackie Wilson, Say You Will
– Phil Phillips & the Twilights, Sea Of Love
– The Spaniels, Goodnight Sweetheart (during the closing credits)

Between Dreamin’ and Tequila there was a song that sounded like it might be called Someday or a variation of that, but I couldn’t place it for sure. And more than one instrumental song that stumped me, as there are no lyrics for me to do a search, though someone using shazam would likely find them all. As I’ve said I like finding these the old fashioned way when I can, it gives me a sense of satisfaction whenever I can connect some musical dots in older porn films like that.

I was a little surprised I hadn’t reviewed any of Toby’s films yet, and upon searching your blog it looks like this post might be one of the few times you’ve dug into his filmography. He’s not listed on your directors page either, though I don’t think he had the output of some of those directors, the movies I’ve seen by him have a personality and a sincerity to them that seem to stand above some of the other porn from when he was doing that. He may still be alive as well, although from what I read in researching him last night he seems to have begun making more erotic than porn films at some point.

You’ve got lots of posts of the model Toby, that was most of what came up when I searched variations of ‘toby’ or ‘ross’ and even ‘toby+ross’ here. On one of those posts you mentioned rompers, or overalls I guess, like a mechanic might wear? In the last scene of Cruisin’ Michael Muni is wearing one, that’s another example.

Sorry for another long comment, but at least I’m doing better about staying on topic (I hope!) Cheers.

this is great – and yes, TOBY ROSS should be in the directors directory… to do list, to do list, to do list

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