"vintage" porn stars

Skip Stevens

from CREW #3 – an Arena Publication – don’t know if Skip has done any films, or any other magazines, for that matter… perhaps a pseudonym, like our buddy Dan Gillen in the Male File #2 pics below? Male File, like CREW, was another series from Arena Publications, like the Locker series, MEN of Arena series , and even just ARENA , among others. These 2 pics are from this 1982/3 publication, as best I can tell.

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Very nice, BJ! He has that familiar look that so many retro models seem to have, but these photos are definitely new to me. It’s always interesting to me to see tattoos from this era. And wasn’t it a little unusual to see nipple piercings in 1982? Today it’s unusual to see gay porn stars *without* tats and piercings. Not that I have anything against the practice. Far from it. Thanks!

WOW! – got your email with the photo attachments – from the October 1985 issue of Advocate Men – photos by Joe Tiffenbach – here’s a few of them

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