This is from a Surge Studios spread in the July 1981 issue of Numbers – called Basic Plumbing. I’m pretty sure that is Al Parker’s arm helping out (somehow); speaking of Surge Studios – arrrrgggghhhh – why are BOTH links at my Mr. Parker post from 2014 broken??? arrrrgghhhh


photographer Joe Tiffenbach; Al Parker and Paul Underwood (who, under that name, doesn’t seem to have done any porn film work). It’s actually quite an extensive photospread – 23 pages – I just haven’t scanned the magazine yet, and alas, the quality of the print isn’t so great, which is not unusual for Numbers Magazine. Also of note, you see Al’s partner Steve Taylor later in the spread, so I think the cock in this pic may well be his.

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I think it was in The Advocate in the late 70s that I read of the bar Basic Plumbing somewhere in Los Angeles–you had to get measured for hungness at the door–an unusual purple rope. I don’t think there was anything like that in NYC (maybe I just never heard of it), although the few times I went to the disgusting Mineshaft, I was told that I was not dressed properly, but they let me in anyway. (I can’t even believe I went even 3 times, that was more filth than I could stand, but it was such a big deal at the time, and I usually went with someone.) I think BP lasted a good while, but just checked and it’s no longer there. Must surely be where they filmed it, and would have known the owners, etc. I went to LA many times during the 00s, but never went to a gay bar. The Coral Sands Motel had you all setup and you could fuck out in the open, with the windows opened (the maids were trained to look str8 ahead. Tragedy it closed. I considered it my second home.

I didn’t know Surge had started that early.

Surge – THAT’s why I’m sorry that link is no good! and yes, it takes place in the men’s club Basic Plumbing… I’ll put scanning some pics on my “to do” list. 1981 would have been the year of FLASHBACK, Parker’s first film as director (I think he got Steve Scott to help) – so these pics would’ve been around the same time.

Nice! You can see Mr Underwood is about to lean in for a taste. I think he must have been a “print only” model. He also appeared in Colt’s Spurs No10 (1987) in a 4 page spread with the incredible Gunner Hyde. I wonder if there’s more? I really don’t know anything about him. Thanks for this one.

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