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don’t know the origin of this pic – appeared in numerous magazines, like Mandate April & June of 1980, HONCHO August 1980; and the best of which of course was COLT MEN 12 with Noel Kemp – when he modeled for MAN’S IMAGE, he went by the name PAUL – anyhoo – more Joe Porcelli

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I love his dark hair and matching ‘stache. I am not familiar with that photo either, which is frustrating.

An article in the Nov 1979 issue of Mandate called him a, “Son of Italy.” It’s an interesting interview. I tried to find a link to it online tp post here, but no. I’ll send the interview to you BJ. It said he was briefly married and had a daughter, but by 1979 was living in New York with his current lover and not “the same person” he used to be. I wonder where he ended up? I don’t know enough about this man.

Joe Porcelli and Noel Kemp made a great pair in their Colt film as well as the sensual photo set. I think visually they were like yin and yang.

He also appeared with Bill Henson in “A Matter of Size.” That I wish I’d seen. What a sexy man!

Thanks, BJ!

ha! another sold issue – MANDATE NOV 1979 – ugh – photographer ROY BLAKEY – 6-page spread, 10 photographs! 3 pics of BULL DOZIER!

about that… a few years back I questioned Porcelli’s appearance in Matter of Size , and, alas, I don’t think I have a copy of the movie to follow thru – i am POSITIVE it’s not him in that first scene with Henson – look at these stills here – that guy is not JOE!

but I wonder if he is somewhere in the orgy scene, as I’ve read there were chunks cut out for normal distribution…. another mystery to solve… or if that guy n the first scene’s porn name is Joe PURCELLI, and I thought it was a typo, but it’s just another guy with a very similar name!!!??

Oh yeah, there’s that one face shot on NakedSword and I was like, “It’s NOT him!” Well done, BJ. Woody at GEVI had the two listed separately which I thought was a mistake. I was so sure it was him, but it really doesn’t fit. However, it’s so weird that “Joe Purcelli” is in the credits. Maybe they used that misspelled name because he looks a little like our Joe? Or like you said, just another model with a similar name. That *never* happens, right? I’m convinced you are right. And am updating my files.

Searching the interweb, I found pictures of Joe Porcelli with a full beard. I believe these were taken by Roy Dean. I’m afraid to post a link because I think some of these sites are riddled with malware? Don’t want to endanger anyone. I just Googled “Joe Porcelli Gay Porn” and enjoyed what came up in image search.

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