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Michael Brawn

who you may remember from such films as The International Guide to the Fine Art of Fellatio, HEAT IN THE NIGHT (that BIG DICK contest between Dick Masters, Mike Anthony (Brawn), Tom Steele, and poor Cal Jensen was amazing!); also starred in: He-Devils, Laid To Order, The Wild Ones, The Bridegroom’s Cherry, and others.

can’t figure out which film he’d be playing pool in a leather harness – The Wild Ones?

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I wouldn’t say that Cal Jensen was all that poor with that wealth of dick in that scene! I don’t think that’s exactly what you meant, but either way, I’d say he was a lucky man.

I loved Heat In the Night! I had that on VHS. It’s the sweaty porch scene with Bill Marlowe that I remember the most. (Assuming I’m remembering correctly.) Bill Marlowe had a sleazy quality that appealed to me and wasn’t bad to look at. And GEVI says he won an award for the video. Lon Flexx was a great scene partner.

Michael Brawn was always a favorite from the moment I saw him (probably in a mag or a mailing). So many scorching hot men in that video! Tom Steele, Brad Mitchell, Dick Masters, and Dick Masters’ dick, which should almost have gotten its own box cover credit.

Rex Chandler was so beautiful I forgave his wooden performance. He helped educate me in the ways to spot gay4pay (or just a bad performer.) I don’t really care about a porn star’s preference as long as I’m entertained. Some people are just better at selling the fantasy, and I’m happy to buy in.

I had forgotten Michael Braun was in that video. I’ll have to go looking for that card game scene. Definitely want to revisit that one. Why do media formats have to change? I could just go pop it in the VCR! But that tape is long gone. Who got rid of it? Oh wait, it was a past version of me with a storage problem.

Thanks BJ! Once again, you have have led me down the path of porn nostalgia.

JohnnyLlama, you mentioned Lon Flexx who was a big porn crush of mine during that time. I basically liked him whatever he was in, including that very sweaty scene in Heat In The Night with Bill Marlowe, because every part of Lon was beautiful to me – from his face on down to the goods. I read that he was actually very hairy all over but shaved his chest and pubes down for most of his films, especially the early ones. His legs were very furry though. You see him a bit in the clip to the Int’l Guide to Fellatio that is linked above. I found a rather long blog post about him (real name David Anderson) that’s pretty detailed about his life, if you, BJ or anyone might be interested:

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