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The “lost chord” of cocksucking for me is a loop I saw in the 80s of Scott Cooper lustily sucking dick. I want to see that scene again before I die! Or anything with Scott Cooper, one of my biggest porn crushes, along with Mark Rutter and Nick Ro(d)gers. Oh, and numero uno, Big Ben/Brad Leatherwood. I can’t choose just one.

My ears are perking up because I hear names I don’t recognize! I’m writing down Scott Cooper and Big Ben/Brad Leatherwood so I can look them up immediately. Wait, I know Scott Cooper from the mag Manhandlers No2, which is photo excerpts from his scene with Jayson McBride. Great scene.

I also love Mark Rutter and Nick Rodgers! You have excellent taste. Now, I must find out about this Big Ben.

Scott Cooper? handsome, but – well no “but” about him being handsome, but I think he was only in one film – with Jayson MacBride –

Well, since the theme is “cocksuckers”, shouldn’t THEY be the one identified? : 0

What’s up with that? No pun intended. The poor suckers (pun now intended) do all the work, and get no credit! I admit that the hierarchy of tops (OrAtRr) vs. bottoms (OgAbRg), is pretty unfair! : /

But then, no one ever said that all-male porn was fair. No doubt, I believe that in many cases, the tops get paid more! : (

Honestly, BJ! You’re either slipping, or getting lazy! Do you think I enjoy correcting, or finishing your work? (Actually, I do!) ; )

For the love of porn, I’ll dutifully play schoolmarm. Even porn must have standards! So I’ll do my best!

Here goes:

#1 – I’m pretty certain that this is Joe Andrews. He did both film and print. But I don’t know where this is from.

#2 – Sorry, I got nothing.

#3 – The same here. If the picture was more expansive, maybe I could identify it. I’m not a fan of cock rings. It looks like the top needs them, in order to maintain an erection. This is what I mean, when porn can be presented so clinically – no personality, heat, or warmth! : /

#4 – What’s this hard-on you have for Gary Bond? Twice in the same week! He’s as passive and blasé as ever; “cheeseburger and a side of fries, please.” LOL!

This is from Brentwood’s “Service Station (1976)”. The guy doing the “service” is Mike Savage. Compared to Boyd, he was savage!

#5 – Now this one, you should know – shame on you! Of course, this is the “leather-lite” sequence from “A Matter of Size (1983)”. Eric Stryker is sucking Lance Chisholm. What did Chisholm look like, without the mask?! He was undeniably hot! I’m not into S & M, but this sequence did get to me – so nasty and sleazy! : P

#6 & #7: Why does George Payne get two pictures? All I know is that this must be from his early appearances, when his hair was out of control. I can’t stress enough, how important it is to get the right hair style! When he finally got it right, he was divine!

#8 – I rather liked Rick Donovan, though I wouldn’t describe myself as a fan. Yeah, he was tradey. But at least he wasn’t obnoxious about it. And he was also pretty aloof, but not comatose. He did kiss!

Both he and Ken Ryker had droopy boners. They both had to grab their dicks at the base, in order to maintain an erection – not enough blood could engorge, because of size.

Of course, you know that this is from Nova’s “Heroes (1984)”. How can you not remember the goofy, Danny Connors? I’ll never forget the bar sequence in “Chain Reactions (1984)”!

Ken Bergquist passionately kisses a kneeling Danny Connors, and then shoves Connors’ face in his ass! Bergquist was so hot, that I’ll forgive the thong bikini, tan-line. : /

You know I love you, BJ honey! I’ll trust you and your readers, not to take me too seriously. : )

I tease, in order to please! I scold, because I’m sold! I spank, in order to give thanks! I correct, to keep you in check! I evaluate, because you’re great! I point, in order to anoint! I reprimand, because you’re grand! I rebuke, because you’re a porn duke! I chide, to kiss your hide! I chastise, because you’re wise!

I judge, because you’re sweet as fudge (this last one was a toughie!).
: )

; )

“What’s this hard-on you have for Gary Bond?” : /

Oh Jesus! I did it again! I’m the one who’s slipping! : (

Must remember: Gary BOYD! Gary BOYD! Gary BOYD!

; )

I knew you would be unhappy about the Gary Boyd pic!! Love it.

I agree that No1 could be Joe Andrews, but he looks so young. And who’s the blowee? What is this from?

You are good! I’m not anywhere near as certain about the others. It’s hard to make IDs when the guy’s faces are full of junk. Or maybe I just don’t recognize all of these. I love it when the old stuff is “new!”

My favorite is #8 because the composition is terrific. I never would have guessed that was a headless Rick Donovan. I rather like the headless version. I agree, Obsessed. He never smiled, and not in a good way. You don’t gotta’ smile, but you should at least show interest, right?

Great post, BJ! And excellent commentary from Obsessed!

Yes, Obsessed! I agree with your obsessment, (see what I did there?) of Mike Savage. He is indeed, savage!


“#2 – Sorry, I got nothing.”

Well, I’ll be damned! Now I do! Honestly BJ, you had the information all along, but didn’t share it! : (

You know this is going to hurt me more than it does you (*giggle*), but you need it! SPANKY! SPANKY!

It’s amazing what you’ll discover, when one returns to your previous posts and comments. This picture is from the Nova loop, “Caught in the Act (1981)”. : )

I knew the shaggy-haired top, looked familiar. He’s Buddy Preston, a protégé of William Higgins, as well as other loops, featuring young hotties. The dark hair sucker, wearing the tank top, is Joe Fuller.

Remember? You posted about this on February 4, 2015.

Boy, BJ sweetie! You do such a wonderful job of posting about vintage porn, that I almost feel guilty (*SNORT!*), about scolding you! : )

It’s no wonder you’re getting new followers all time, and educating them!

Wow, to think there are some porn viewers who have never heard of such Porn Divos as Michael Christopher, Gordon Grant, Giorgio Canali, or let alone such master producers such as Jim French, Lou Thomas, or John Coletti! : /

Whenever you do a Google search on vintage gay porn, your name is always front and center. You’ve become, “THE MAN” – CONGRATULATIONS!

While we’re on the subject of Nova Films, it’s probably safe to assume, that all their loops, had a corresponding publication, right?

Maybe not all the loops were printed, but at least many correlating photos; which were assembled in various compilations, right?

My theory is that since they rarely used live audio, they were able to compensate the cost, by printing so many publications.

I can’t think of any Nova talkies, other than “Something Wild (1984)” “Boys Town (1984)” or “Hunk (1985)”, can you?

I want to educate the “newbies” as much as possible. So here it goes:

(Don’t forget to scroll all the way down.)

…and this one!

; )

Well done, Obsessed! GEA can be a help, but sometimes I wish their listings were more complete. I often go searching for info on a particular mag, and they’re they only source really, but I’ll see “no listings.”

I am not as familiar with Nova as I am with other studios. I think I ignored them for a long time because there were so many twinks. I don’t have anything against twinks today, but back when I was a twink, all I had eyes for were hairy muscle-daddies. I am getting to know Nova better, thanks in part to you and BJ.

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