in the name of leather pornoclips


Director: Matt Sterling (1983)

Starring: Bill Henson, Brian Michaels (aka Bobby Madison), Eric Stryker, Doug Weston, Matt Ramsey (aka Peter North), Lance Chisholm, Scott Avery, Mike Ryan, Brad Walsh, Steve Krause, Joe Porcelli(?), Don Webber

as discussed before, GEVI (Gay Erotic Video Index) lists a “Joe Purcelli” as someone in the first scene; but I know that’s not him – which made me think perhaps he is in the leather scene – here’s your chance to help figure out this puzzle – is Joe in this scene? or is he erroneously listed as being in this 1983 classic?

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I am quite uncertain, but I don’t think any of these guys is Joe Porcelli because none of them appears to be dark-haired like him and none have the bicep tattoo that Joe Porcelli had. And I agree that the guy with Bill Henson in the first scene is likely not Joe Porcelli. He doesn’t have the tat either and while his hair color is similar, he just doesn’t look like Joe Porcelli. He looks more like a lesser Roger. Could he be someone who was just using a similar name? It wouldn’t be the first time. It could also be a mistake on the part of GEVI. Frustrating. Sorry I can’t help.

Meanwhile, this is such a hot scene. Eric Stryker is just divine, as always, and the four leathermen are like beautiful, muscled clones. I love that it’s not too formulaic. They’re just stroking and lazily exploring each other’s bodies. It builds and builds to the inevitable conclusion. It does seem as though one of the guys just disappears at some point, but it doesn’t take anything away. Great scene.

Thanks for sharing!

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