"vintage" porn stars


this can’t be right – search results on BJland for COLLETTI

better, but he deserves a more fleshed-out post, no?

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yes – but not FROM Black Velvet as that was shot indoors, but “of” if I am to be a stickler!

Mmmmm. Such THE MAN, yes? Director, performer, model, studio founder, outdoorsman! I love his bi-color beard. I love this photo. Never seen it. And I was just searching on Coletti/Traynor the other day. I must suck at searching the internet for gay porn.

If there’s a secret to it, fellas’, please let me in on it. I always just do a name and then “gay porn.” I think I find more stuff by accident than anything.

This was from a Fox Studio photo set right? I love it when behind the scenes guys also do in front of the screen. When hot porn stars retire and become directors and we never see them again- the saddest day.

Here’s another outdoorsy one. I hope this link works. He’s in the cowboy hat and vest and boots and nothin’ else!

You have to scroll down.

nice! some I hadn’t seen – notice the various ways to hide the white parts of his mustache – photographers must’ve hated the inconsistency – and some pics look like he JUST FOR MEN’d himself!

if only this one included his face – those balls!

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