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This is a delicious Colt photo set called, Roommates, which supposedly became a film due to popular demand. It’s such a great pic, I can see you cropped out the third guy who was watching from the bedroom foreground of the original photo. Funny, I did the same thing myself, but I left a part of the guy’s blurry head in the foreground. Either way, it’s a hot photo.

GEVI says Dakota’s partners here are “Ken” and “Roger.” You can read about it here:

According to my notes, “Ken” is the bearded man. I would hope that I did further research to try to confirm that, but I can’t remember, so don’t take my word for it. I usually also check with the Colt website, which is occasionally helpful, but mostly useless. And then I would look for some mention of them in any other database or elsewhere online, but you can’t do that much when you only have a first name.

Sexy Dakota. I wanted him to spoon up against me in the shower! Yum

alas – did NOT crop out 3rd guy, this was what was shown in the magazine, Upfront, 1973

but now that you mention the 3-some, I am fairly sure I’ve posted something from this trio before

the bearded guy, in this shot, reminded me of Peter Fisk (from Wakefield Poole films) but I was pretty certain it wasn’t him.

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