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is that a spiral staircase?

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Do you enjoy torturing me with these nameless, headless photos? How am I supposed to ID these guys?

Will I pore relentlessly over countless Target photos of hairy chested men trying to make an ID based on the hirsute pattern? Maybe. Maybe not. I’m exhausted.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to enjoy it for what it is without knowing who these two lovelies are. Amazing pelt on that man!

Thanks BJ!

That’s so sweet. You knew I still couldn’t figure out it was a chin–and in that photo it still looks like a rather fisted asshole with a little hemorrhoidal “bud” on top of the top part. I can see now with your exceptionally thoughtful new post from the collection, but I dared not tell you I still couldn’t see it was a CHIN! And when I just look at the original photo, I still can’t! It still looks like a fisted ASSHOLE at the top of his neck! I love this, at least you’ve restored my sanity. Many kisses and sweet thoughts for you. After all, I can put up with chins that look like assholes growing in the wrong place from someone who introduces me to Tony Nero and Anthony Gallo and Mark Rutter, not to mention spoils me sometimes with the ones I’m all-too-well-known to adore, and that headless b & w Glamour-Crotch Bear with the Tit Clamps–Parisian

P.S. I saw that note from Justin Cade. I do hope something will be propagated from this–as you know, I thoroughly adore him and his “Cousin”. I saw him write somewhere on SmutJunkies a few years ago, I think. I remember when I first saw a photo of Justin in the late 80s in Foreskin Quarterly and nearly passed out. I think his longish affair with his “cousin” is the sexiest-sounding thing I ever heard of…but by now, I may think Joe Cade is just slightly hotter because taller, but that was a truly gorgeous couple.

No, dammit! Thanks anyway though. I was so sure if I could see a face that I could make an ID. Ha! I can be so arrogant sometimes. I do enjoy the 2nd pic though and I will keep my eye out!

Oh crap, wait! I do recognize those two. They are already in my “what’s my name” folder. Same two guys. From The Best and Worst of Drummer 1977 page 22. I will send it. But I still don’t have an ID for either of them dammit.

We’re getting closer though!

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