Fred Halsted Target Studios

Halsted and….

I might guess Dan Pace / Rocky Genero, but, I dunno….

note: sorry for the quality, but these images are from slides posted to eBay for sale some months back

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I guess the one with the delectable Ass is Halsted, a model most here know well. I’ve heard the name back in the day, but was probably not paying attention to the movies that much, although the list at GEVI is pretty impressive. L.A. Plays Itself is the classic gay film, isn’t it? I don’t think I saw it. Did you know there was in the early 00s a documentary inspired by this film called Los Angeles Plays Itself, a lot of footage of films that started being filmed in various locations of L.A. outside studios in Hollywood (Bunker Hill, etc., that dept. store downtown, others)? It was quite good if you’re an LA aficionado.

The model in the middle of the colour picture on the above post is also quite something–I don’t know whether I prefer his face or his funky masculine pit.

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