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Halsted and…..? (pt. 2)

OK – here’s some better quality pics – I still dig the ones in the previous post… but who are the other two guys? The one is like a mash-up of Dan Pace and Brand

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As I said in part 1, I do agree that it’s Dan Pace, and Fred Halsted’s sideburns are easy to recognize. The third guy in the vest continues to elude identification.

I can’t even figure out what mag this came from. I don’t think it’s from a film.

I say we call him “Sexy McVesty.”

Hey, there’s an article on Fred Halsted here:
(click on the cover page and then navigate like an ebook)

I think I spoke too soon.

After examining these photos in Target Ramrod No4, I am no longer certain of anyone other than Fred Halsted. Dan Pace is usually much hairier than this guy, including his arms. Dan Pace is pictured alone (and with the normal amount of body hair) in Ramrod No4. That might be misleading. When you compare him with this guy, uncertainty is the result. BJ is right, it’s like they mixed Brand with Dan Pace.

Apparently, I don’t know anything.

But I do know that there is a photo of Sexy McVesty (that’s his name now) in Ramrod 4 where you can see his dick and it’s very nice. Maybe BJ will post it?

No, it’s a headless photo and part of the set with Halsted and the Brand/Dan Pace looking guy on the motorcycle in Ramrod 4. I’ll send it to you. Unfortunately, we still don’t know WHO he is.

Sexy McVesty!!!

Yes, based on the body alone, Sexy McVesty could be Brian Dexter, but it could also be any number of other guys with similar body types. There’s just not enough of his face showing. :(

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