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Ramrod 4 – Leathermania

Figuring out who’s in this publication would take more than a day’s dedication, and clearly many of the pics aren’t from 1979, it’s year of publication – but as early as 1976, 1975, 1974? The above is from an eBay auction many years back, decent example of who’s in the mag – Ted Brennan and Jeremy Brent; Clay Russell; Bull Dozier; Bob Bouchard/Leo Stone; Fred Halsted, Boyd Winner; Dan Pace/Rocky Genero; Bill Ford; Rick Madison (mustached daddy-type) – oh wait, is Bill Ford and Rick Madison the same guy? OK, enough (for now) – and feel free to (politely) add names in the comments – other from RAMROD 4 – LEATHERMANIA.

some photos taken at ;“The Pit” in Chicago (but who are the models?)

more (maybe) Ramrod 4 on BJland; and of course much more Ramrod 4 at RETROSTUDS

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I haven’t been able to ID all the models, but I believe that the last picture you posted is Ski Pollock (standing) and probably Joe Kellog (kneeling with his back to the camera). They appear together throughout the mag. Ski Pollock is also in the sunglasses reflection on the cover.

Thanks to GEVI, I know that Rick Madison is the guy in the leather jacket and sunglasses (pages 26-29), but I don’t know Bill Ford.

And do we know the name of the hairy, mustachioed, muscle daddy in the studded leather cap (page 46)?

Will we ever know? Will these delicious mysteries drive me insane one day?

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