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power tool too

was Man of the Year (1991) really his first movie? Can’t recall it – but I’ll bet Craig Slater was the better performer!

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I totes agree! Craig Slater was so hot. I’m not always into smooth, blond guys, but he was something special.

Lex Baldwin was a hottie also, but I seem to remember a lack of enthusiasm typical of G4P performers.

Also, Jeff Converse, his scene partner in Powertool 2. Stole the scene.

Looks-wise, you won’t get any argument from me; that Lex Baldwin was indeed, visually stunning!

You being a “pornoisseur”, BJ – must have also taken note; that after the advent of video, the models in all-male porn became noticeably better looking. There were quite of few performers in the early years, which were rather plain, generic or just plain ugly looking – skinny hippie types!

Lex Baldwin did a lot of print work. The majority of it is quite flattering! When he posed for Playgirl, he used the name “Keith Rivera”.

Jim French had a two out of three prerequisite, for picking a possible Colt model. The candidate had to possess a great face, body, or dick. He turned down John Holmes. He almost turned down Al Parker!

No doubt, when he interviewed Baldwin, he must have exclaimed, “Bull’s-eye, Eureka, or Bingo!”

One can’t underestimate the power of beauty. But for me, a genuine “porn star” has to meet a higher standard. He has to PERFORM!

That’s where Lex Baldwin definitely comes up short. On screen, he’s barely alive – a stiff, no pun intended! He actually shows more life in stills!

It hardly matters that he never reciprocates. Some “gay-for-pay” stars redeem themselves by at least giving the impression, that they enjoy all-male action. Baldwin is a total mannequin!

Judging by his personal decisions, I can’t say that Lex Baldwin is very bright. In order to distance himself from his gay porn past, he subjected himself to the most ghastly, plastic surgery!

He then changed his name to Talon to continue working in straight porn. That’s carrying homosexual panic a bit too far!

The one thing I’ll give him credit for is that at least, he isn’t as obnoxious as Jeff Stryker!

So BJ honey, you’ve now covered, three “dud studs” – Peter Berlin, Jeff Stryker, and Lex Baldwin!

You might as well go all the way with “gay-for-pay” performers that leave me limp, and next post about Rex Chandler – A MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT! The one porn star that broke my heart! : (

; )

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