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around the beginning of 2021, a seller on eBay began selling photos that he claimed were from NOVA FILMS – and many clearly were, and some I wasn’t so sure. So I began to download them, renaming them “NOVA_question_” and adding a number, eventually reaching 30 some photos that I wanted to identify. Here’s one. I am sure that is Greg Dale and…. ? Anyone?

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The ones where you can only see one guy’s face are more challenging to match up, especially for loops which could have been released by multiple studios. But check this one on gevi, High Score:

Found in Le Salon’s Manhandler Collection, as well as Mustang Studios, Nova Films and a few others. The two similarities that jumped out at me when I hovered over the top cover image: first, the jockstrap that Tim Rice is wearing looks like it has the same pattern around the waistband; and number two, the wood paneling on the wall behind them looks at least close, if not a match. What do you think?

Glad you agree, and happy to help when I can. This type of question is the kind I usually defer to your other commenters because you and many of them are truly experts in this field, whereas I see myself as more of a tourist at times, or the awkward guy pumping quarters into the jukebox in the corner maybe. But as long as I’ve been following you online, I’ve learned a lot in the process.

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