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what boycott?


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Is there a boycott against Coors?

This “brawny truckdriver” looks very familiar, but a name eludes me. I’ll let you know if it ever comes to me.

Yes, I see that now (I thought that was you signing your name, silly me). He has another name as Zephyr kindly pointed out.

I knew it was McAlister, but I couldn’t find him. I was spelling it wrong.

At first I thought this was Butch McAlister / Stash Pulaski but I don’t see the tattoo on his bicep, so either it’s a different guy or maybe this was taken before he got inked.

Oh wait, you’re right. It can’t be John Towers/Butch McAlister/Stash Pulaski because there’s no tattoo. And the more I look at him, the less I resemblance I see.

I’m sure BJ (our leader) has known all along.

I’m losing my mind. Now I can’t decide.

BJ, could this “BJ” possibly be a pre-tat John Towers/Butch McAlister? You said it was from 1977. Everything I have on John Towers seems to be dated 1978 or later. The facial hair is different too, but there are so many similarities…

while I see the similarity, just look at the faces. Having seen “Stash” in action, I can see they are different.

Hard to say and I defer to the experts in this field, but if I had to guess I’d say this was probably Butch / Stash just before he got the tattoo. Either that or someone airbrushed it out for some reason. Shaved head and sort of receding hairline right on the top; the mustache; the ears look similar to various Butch pics I’ve seen; his big powerful arms; flat stomach; the way his pecs looked (likely before he continued bulking up his body); and I don’t mean this as a knock, but Butch’s dick was never the biggest nor the hardest in any pic I ever saw of him, even if he had a cockring on, and what I can see of it above does seem similar to the other Butch pics BJ has posted. As well as from Boys of Venice and Under Construction, the two films I’ve seen that he was in. Butch’s ass, on the other hand, was phenomenal, small and compact, so if there were a rear view shot of this mystery “BJ” in the pics from the Topman mag that might be another clue to say either yay or nay. Only one of the Topman pics you’ve posted shows him looking towards the camera even a little, but that could be a shadow across his face. Sorry I’m wishy washy LOL, I dunno for sure but if this were Jeopardy and I rang in really fast and had to blurt out my guess in five seconds, I’d say it’s the same guy.

granted, I have more photos at my disposal, but I am still very sure they are 2 different people

top photo from 1977, bottom photo from 1978

I just realized I have the mag Top Man No1 and you’re right: in some photos the similarity is remarkable, but in others you can clearly see the differences. Especially the one you posted above on top of the truck and the one where he’s sitting in the truck. Too bad, I so wanted it to be true!

It’s a hot mag featuring some amazing photos of Roger and other sexy men I don’t know. God Bless John Gamble! There’s a hot mustachioed stud on the cover who they’re calling “Brough.” How do you even pronounce that? Bruff? Bro? Brow? Who cares? I’d just call him Mr Stachey Stud.

Sorry for starting this controversy. If I’d just checked my mags folder!

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