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Whoa, BJ baby! It is posts like these, which make me LUV you! BRAVO! BRAVO! : 0

DAYUM! Who is this Hank Parrish?! I don’t recall ever seeing him before! Somehow I missed your previous post, where you misidentify him as Mel Bush. : /

You’ve really been on a roll lately, with celebrating print porn models; and men who are not conventionally handsome. Once again, another stud that has a manly, blue-collar appeal! : D

He’s the kind of guy that looks very natural; dressed up as a hardhat, cowboy, cop, or military officer – so masculine! On porn blogs, he would probably be categorized as a daddy, redneck, trailer-trash, etc.
: )

Lou Thomas aka Jon Target, Jim French aka Rip Colt, and Joe Gage, among others, all especially liked this type – so earthy, rugged, and sensual! Love his big head and walrus mustache! But don’t get me started, on his big dick and ass! : P

Men with great muscle tone, look so sexy in the sun! They glisten! Love his tan-line, happy trail, bush, lightly haired chest, and nipples – delicious!

He reminds me Colt model Ed Calhoun, Scott Cooper, Clint (Cosco), Moose, Butch MacAlister, Joey Doves, etc. among other butch, mature, porn models. “Rough Diamonds” as Johnny Llama would say!
: )

Among mainstream actors, I would say he resembles Graham Jarvis from “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman”. I would also say, Charles Martin Smith from “American Graffiti” and “The Untouchables”.

All three of them have a big, high forehead. Fortunately here, Parrish still has his hair. : )

That last Target photo from 1976, with John Colby (not Peter Bolt!); is just glorious! Both of them have glowing skin! No tattoos to wreck their skin texture!

I love the sexy, questioning expression in their eyes – so teasing and tantalizing!

They seem to ask us, the viewer, “Would you like to join us for a three-way?” Fuck Yeah! : 0

Yet another Target photo-shoot, that should have also been an action loop! What a waste! : (

That same year, John Colby did another Target shoot, with Chuck Samson, that’s very similar to this one.

That also should have been an action loop! Why so many missed opportunities with Target? Did they have a limited budget?



I hate correcting you BJ honey, right after I’ve praised you! It makes me feel like a schoolmarm! But if I don’t, who will? Actually, maybe “Buddy” would. Remember, we’re all family here! : )

It’s a little understandable, how you would confuse John Colby, with Peter Bolt. : /

Both of them, along with Will Seagers; were featured in the two Target publications, “Ramrod #2 – Cowboy” and “Ramrod #3 – Cowboy”. Each of them, make out with each other in a duo; and then all, in a threesome!

This time, Lou Thomas actually identifies them, by name!

And yes, this time, there is a corresponding loop with this Target publication. “Hard Rocks: Part One” and “Hard Rocks: Part Two”, was released by Target in 1978.

When Bullet Productions bought this, they changed the title to “Cowpokes: Part One” and “Cowpokes: Part Two” respectively.

We all make mistakes! So I won’t hold this against you, even though I did tell you this before; and you obviously, didn’t take notes! : )

Come to think of it, “Buddy”, also mentioned John Colby! Tsk-Tsk!

Colby was so adorable! See Parisian, another stud-muffin! I guess making one porn film is preferable, to not making any, at all! We still have all his print work!

So, let me thank you once again, for introducing me to Hank Parrish!

In fact, let me give you thanks, for all the “Hanks” you’ve recently mentioned! Let me guess! Your next post will be Hank Porter, another cowboy from Nova Films! : )

Do you like country music? One of Hank Williams’ hits was “Hey, Good Lookin’ (1951)”.

I would definitely like to sing this, to any of these porn cowpokes!

“Say hey, good lookin’, what you got cookin’?
“How’s about cookin’ somethin’ up with me?”


; )

Oh fuck, it’s totally my fault! Don’t blame BJ. He asked for my help and I screwed up. I’m the one who identified Hank Parrish’s buddy as Peter Bolt. I really thought it was Peter Bolt without a beard and maybe with body hair trimmed.

If I’d looked more closely at the Ramrod photo sets, especially Ramrod 2, I would’ve come to the same conclusion Obsessed did. It’s John Colby.

Congrats Obsessed! You’re a sharper-minded man than I.

Sorry BJ! All I can say is blame my porn-addled, middle-aged (assuming I live to be 100) brain. I’m like the absent-minded professor, except my chosen field is gay porn. Seriously, I would have majored in gay porn studies if they’d had that.

I do wish there were more photos of the incredible Peter Bolt. Maybe it was wishful thinking?

Rough diamonds!!

The real question for me is which Target mag did these photos of Hank Parrish and John Colby come from?

Hank Parrish was new to me before BJ sent me that pic and I’m always excited to identify a “new” Target man.

There, there, Johnny-My Pet-Llama. Let not your heart, be troubled. As I’ve said before, we ALL make mistakes. That includes, if you can believe this, MOI! : )

I’m a little less forgiving, to BJ Baby. I mean, I DID mention John Colby, and the Target: Ramrod – Cowboy publications, before! “Buddy” also gave him a clue! As I’ve said before, he should have taken notes! Honestly! Just kidding! : )

*SIGH* I think of BJ, as my own personal Bart Simpson, or Dennis the Menace. I know he’ll ALWAYS misbehave. But I can never be mad at him! His wonderful blog and generosity can never be underestimated! I’m indebted to him forever! : )

Don’t worry, BJ honey! Papa still loves you. *SPANKY* *SPANKY* ; )

Anyway, let me help you out with your “Gay Porn Studies”. You may already be familiar with this. You’re still relatively new here, so I have no idea of what you know, or don’t know. : )

Both me and BJ, swear by this wonderful website! It’s “Gay Erotic Archives”! They work in conjunction with Smut Junkies. GEA is not to be confused with GEVI! I kiss the feet of BJ, for introducing me to GEVI! : )

It can be a little confusing to maneuver, but you’ll get the hand of it! Click where it says “LISTINGS” on the top left column. Then scroll down to where it says “STUDIO PUBLICATIONS”.

Go down even further to “TARGET STUDIOS” and click! TA-DA! : )

I admit it’s rather exhausting and overwhelming! But the information that’s provided is invaluable!

However, don’t give yourself, a false sense of hope! Let me warn you that there’s bound to be mistakes, and not all the information is listed! But that’s true with all websites, especially regarding porn!

As BJ says, always take everything, with a grain of salt! Or as I say, a carton, or the whole salt mine! LOL!

Don’t forget to scroll all the way down! That way you don’t just discover all the publications; but the color and b & w photo-sets, and slides as well. Both individual, and in pairs!

That’s the way I was able to learn, that all of Parrish’s photos were from 1976!

His individual glamour shots have the Photo Set #: (PL-02). The one he shares with John Colby, has the Photo Set #: (PN-02).

As far as I can tell, Hank Parrish wasn’t in any publications, but don’t quote me! The listed information may be incomplete! : /

This also is the case with Jim French, and Colt. : (

A number of his models are only in photo-sets, and not in any publications. And even then, they aren’t spotlighted. I don’t believe Richard Locke or Michael Christopher, have any individual glamour shots. : (

Here are both links! :

Yes, I agree! All this endless research can be exhausting and numbing! : /

I can’t really blame BJ, for sometimes being careless or lazy! ; )

I always take into account, that BJ is so busy! I couldn’t do it! : 0

I’m always so impressed that he can be so creative, in so little time! I personally, am always pressed for time and sleep! ZZZzzz …

Okay, that’s enough, with all this tongue-bathing! The hair balls are making me choke! *COUGH* *COUGH*

Hope this helped, JohnnyLlama! I agree, making new, hot discoveries are so much fun! Thanks BJ honey! xoxoxo

; )

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