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Head Waiter


Director: AL Parker (1984)

Starring: Al Parker, Cole Taylor, Tico Patterson, Vincent Thomas, Rydar Hanson, Michael Charles, Drake Woods, Ed Wiley (AKA Myles Longue), Greg Girrard – this scene: Tico Patterson, Michael Charles, and Drake Woods

In the opening scene, a young guy takes his seat in the Surge fantasy chair and drops in a coin, ordering up a fantasy that unfolds in a restaurant. Two mustached men (Drake Woods and Michael Charles) quickly begin to have oral sex. Meanwhile, at another table another couple sit, have a meal, and watch (but never participate or have sex) – Al Parker and his real life lover, Steve Taylor! When the waiter (tattooed Tico Paterson) arrives, the pair unzip him and proceeds to feast on him rather than their dinner. The waiter winds up getting one of the guys on the table for anal sex while he continues to on his date.Good use of slo-mo camera work for the finale of the scene.

Alas – no str8 couples watching or participating, Parisian, unfortunately (and by that i mean FORTUNATELY!); but love watching Al and Steve, and the solo guy, wonder who that is?

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With soundtrack courtesy of Red Wedding; Art direction: Mike Davis; casting – Daniel Holt

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How did you identify Red Wedding as the artist for the music? The gevi page doesn’t show a musician so I’m guessing it was in either the opening or closing film credits. Another obscure synth-based artist from the 80s, in some ways similar to both Forbidden Overture (heard in Turned On, Games and possibly a few other Surge films) as well as Multi Man, who did the trippy score to The Biggest One I Ever Saw. I think when a lot of people younger than us look back at 80s music they are drawn to the lesser heard music like this, as opposed to Madonna or Whitney or other singers who were played over and over at the time. It’s hot with the sex sounds and dialogue but as with a lot of this music from porn, it makes me wish someone had access to the unobstructed audio track and could enhance it as a separate file, like that excellent quality Forbidden Overture music you posted once.

I don’t know who the solo diner is either but this is a hot scene, one of the better ones from this movie as I remember. Though I did like Cole Taylor in the films I saw him in, he had a little Pooh-bear tattoo on his shapely ass. Cole was the teacher in Heroes, one of the sailors Jon King sucked off in the other room at the Y in Biggest One, as well as the guy who takes in his “straight” neighbor in Motel California when his girlfriend kicks him out.

normally, I would confidently answer – yes, from the credits, regarding RED WEDDING, as I am sure I’ve sold the title on eBay years back, and always try to do a complete description…

but with my batting average lately, I went and checked…

TURNED ON! soundtrack by Forbidden Overtures

here’s a fun pic of Cole Taylor with Steve Collins – and he modeled for COLT, too (but his only film for them was through BUCKSHOT – with Glen Steers – mmmmmm!)

Nah, you still got it friend :) I assumed there was a title card either at the beginning or end, Al was pretty good about crediting most of the people behind the scenes in Surge films. Not always the music, especially if he stole it when he could, but this time he gave credit where it was due. Thanks for checking. And as I said in the Turned On post you made with the Forbidden music, that is incredible.

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