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“I’m acting with my eyes” – ever see Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train? Well, Farley Granger’s girlfriend, a Senator’s daughter, has this scene where she doesn’t speak, raises and lowers her eyebrows, and opens her eyes bigger and smaller – and it always makes me think – “I’m acting with my eyes” – and Matt Sterling seems to have tried this with every mid-80’s film to show cruising – close ups of eyes – “acting” – and I can’t not think about Ruth Roman’s acting when I see Jim Pulver and Jeff Quinn here (Jeff has another stellar performance in Bigger Than Life). So, check out the clip above, and pause, let the cruise wash over you before watching the complete clip below. Do you think this scene is what got them the 1985 Adult Video News Best Video award? ( or maybe it was the Tony Stefano scene)

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First thing I thought about was “smizing”, as defined by Tyra Banks:

Then parodied on the Snatch Game episode of Drag Race season 3 by Raja:

But back to your post here, and the reference to Strangers On A Train:

I’m guessing this is the scene you’re describing, unless she spent the whole film making those kinds of facial expressions instead of talking. It’s an interesting way for a director to convey some emotions in a scene without the use of dialogue, also commonly seen in soaps I’d say, where one actor is basically talking to the back of someone’s head while the camera catches the expression on the other one’s face. Guilt, remorse, happiness, surprise, envy … I get what Sterling was going for, you’re probably right that it was an attempt at recreating that ‘acting with their eyes’ vibe as it pertains to cruising, and to an extent it was fairly successful. Jeff Quinn more than Jim Pulver, but Jeff was more than just a pretty face, ass and cock, and seemed to have at least a basic natural acting ability too in all his scenes.

I’d heard that that subway set was only used in two films, Inch By Inch and Bigger Than Life, and that it was quite expensive to construct. Much moreso than the typical budget for a porn film for sure. Tony Stefano has such a Guido accent in Inch By Inch, whaddayou tawkinbout huh? Especially when he delivers that line about his stinkin’ shorts, I literally LOL every time I see that — but the sex and the set-up of the guy hiding under the bed is pretty hot. There were a lot of great (looking back) porn films in 1985, I’d have probably chosen one by William Higgins since that was the last year he was still shooting on film as opposed to videotape — Beyond Hawaii, The Pizza Boy: He Delivers, Preppy Summer and especially The Young & The Hung. I’d say in retrospect that was his golden era.

One of the most iconic scenes in all of porndom. The “sweat” on Jeff Quinn’s face and body was mesmerizing to a younger me and I wanted to lick it off sooooo very much. I recall when Matt Sterling’s films were touted as “see the sweat” movies, and he surely did emphasize (and exaggerate) that.
Well, chalk up one more load that this scene has made me shoot. I’ve lost count.

I remember this one well. I watched it over and over. It’s been years though, and I admit I don’t really remember the eye acting. I may have hit fast-forward? That was the trouble with VHS. These inventions made us impatient, until eventually you find yourself screaming, “HURRY!” in front of the microwave.

I do remember all the 80s dick. Jeff Quinn, Jim Pulver, the slab of muscle that was Tom Brock through a fake window, Mark Miller, Steve Henson, Steve Wright. So many hotties! And it’s tough to remember that subway scene without thinking of the other Jim Pulver scene filmed on the same subway set.

Another trip down memory lane, specifically, the dark alley of gay porn memories. My favorite path!

Thanks, BJ!

HA! VHS? fast forward? back in my day, you had to watch your porno in a sleazy theater with horny men cruising around! and you stayed for hours and hours, seeing (hearing at least) the same movies play over and over, so the eye stuff! on my god! I know movies of this age were available to buy, but the cost!! but despite my being silly about the eye acting, the boys did make me excited, so…

I rented most of the vids I saw in the 80s/90s. Sometimes bought them, but only when on sale! Wasted tons of money.

I’d really rather have had the experience you had. I was too shy to even go to the bars. If I could go back and just have one night!

I had a Joan Rivers audio cassette from one of her stand-up specials, she told that microwave joke about Liz Taylor and I thought it was hilarious :D

I too fell into the habit of fast forwarding, or trying to resist the urge to do so, when I started renting porn tapes. But once I started recording my own copies onto blank tapes I began to appreciate the longer view, things like the camera angles, any attempts at acting (especially the semi-successful ones), cinematography. And that’s probably when my interest in the music went from occasionally noticing some of it, to recognizing it as a standalone part of the films, when it was good or familiar anyway. If I was going to take the time and effort to record a film I wanted the full film, credits and all, even the previews and post-views, and not just whirring double-speed through the non-sex parts.

Yes, yes, yes!! Zephyr, I had that cassette also. I loved Joan! Thanks for getting that reference. And catching me stealing her joke. Omygod, so funny. “HURRY!!”

You didn’t steal Joan’s bit, you just borrowed it, dusted it off and repurposed it for those of us who are still here. You’re forgiven Johnny :) but yes, that tape was a hand-me-down but I listened and laughed along to it many times. The “In Bed With Joan” clips she made shortly before she died, the ones I saw were pretty funny especially the Bianca Del Rio one.

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