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just some random images cluttering up my desktop that I forgot why they are there – the one above? HA! That cock is so obviously photo-shopped on!

drafts folder is down to 43 drafts!! quite manageable, and hoping to bring that down somemore, but that makes me OK to do more new ideas, instead of the old ones that got a quick draft, and then neglected for days, weeks, or months

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Congrats on getting the drafts folder down!

I like these tidbits. A gay comic I’ve never seen. In fact, most of these I haven’t seen. The gifted Nick Poulos & pal. Halsted’s sideburns. The blue tile scene from a previous post. Al Parker I think. Un Beau Mec (tres jolie!) And the incredible Joe Porcelli as seen through the lens of Roy Blakey.

Thanks, BJ!

I recognize Al & Steve’s bathroom with the blue tile, and Dave Connors’s ass (though a shot of his dick or the big Jesus tattoo would have made him even easier to recognize) from One In A Billion. My fave scene from that movie I’ve mentioned many times, the van going through the car wash while Moments In Love plays on the cassette that Dave inserts into the tape deck (uncredited, of course).

I’m guessing there must have been other Surge films shot in the same blue bathroom, but if I ever knew the films I’m drawing a blank on it today. There were some magazine shots of Al in that setting though.

Hmmmmm, now I’m picturing you reenacting that scene, reclining in the back seat and beckoning the hunky attendant with the spray bottle to join you in the back? Bet your car is squeaky clean then ;)

Replying to Johnny here as well so I can get it all in one message, yep I’ve heard how many takes it took them driving the van through the car wash, to the point that it flooded the engine and wouldn’t start. And the elevator scene as well, how they filmed some exterior shots of a real one but then did the sex scene in a similarly designed set, likely in Al and Steve’s house which was where the other scenes were filmed. I wonder who owned the dog that appears at a few times in the film, maybe it was Dave’s or even Al’s pooch? Al’s cameo as the guy in totally 80s shades hawking newspapers was only disappointing in that he didn’t put himself in a sex scene with Dave too.

I think Dave does call the dog Doogie in One In A Billion at least once, either when he’s making breakfast at the beginning after he jacks off or later when he comes back to the house, just before the bathroom threeway. That makes sense, if they shot much of the film at their house, and used Al’s van for the carwash scene, may as well include the pets that were there too. Thanks.

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