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Fade In

Director: Roger Earl (1984) pre-condom shot on video – 78 minutes running time

Starring: Dwan; Jon King and Gino Del Mar; David Ashfield, Scott Clark, Michael Christopher, , Chris Allen, Shawn Easton,

very hairy Dwan makes a phonesex call, and we are treated to fantasy scenes interspersed with clips of him on the phone whacking off

from my notes when I sold a copy on eBay years back:

  • scene 1: Jon King and Gino Del Mar in a spiderweb sex scene, with some Hitchcock-sounding music playing – Jon King, as a spider, is laced with leather straps to form a web over his body and lies on a web of ropes. Geno DelMar is a fly that must service the spider.
  • scene 2: Michael Christopher solo, in an odd feathery hat, jerks off
  • scene 3: Chris Allen and mustached Scott Clark – Chris Allen has sex with the ‘Grim Reaper’.
  • scene 4: Chris Allen and Dave Ashfield – The dove takes Chris Allen away and the two 69
  • scene 5: Shawn Easton and Dwan – The phone caller and and his ‘phone trick’ suck and fuck.
  • Daniel Holt – casting director; Kenneth Holloway – lighting, use of his Pan Pacific Studios ; Make-Up by, ummmm – Divine!)

I thought the music sounded Hitchcocky – and it seems like at least some of it is Unicorn’s Head by Lalo Schifrin, and likely other stuff from Schifrin, maybe others

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Surprisingly hot!

Perhaps in spite of rather than because of the fantastical costumes and sets, dramatic music, and surreal themes and metaphors. Could this be one of those better-if-viewed-when-high videos? I don’t know. But I must say, I really like how Jon King looks in that web costume!

Then again, if I had called a phone sex line in the 80s and somebody started talking about spiders and flies and birds and so on, I would have hung up. But the sex is hot and the costumes and sets and dry ice machine don’t take away from that.

Certainly an interesting selection, worthy of consideration! Great cast, too.

I have very fond memories of “enjoying” the Jon and Gino scene in a porno theater…. the music, however, can be rather distracting!

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