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Lee Marlin sings

Clip from The Boys from Riverside Drive – (1981) Jack Deveau, director. After 2 lovers quarrel during thier 1st anniversary dinner, a series of silly, but fun vignettes involving getting locked out of the apartment, telegraph boy, ex-lovers, etc’; all, of course, involving sex. Includes a nice intro into the film with Jack Wrangler and Malo. Starring Buddy Preston, David Dion, George Brown, Luke, and Lee Marlin. Here we see the Lee Marlin scene mixed with the, ugh, I don’t know – low attention span – I am not always a fan when sex scenes get interspliced with each other – a “str8” Lee Marlin ties up the EX sex scene would’ve worked just fine. Excuse if I cut off the scene too early!

(thanks for the Lee in “singing telegram suit” to MALE MODELS FROM THE PAST)

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I see that the blogger updated his post to indicate that was Lee, I guess we’ve established a consensus that it was in fact him. His cock was so thick and hard in this scene, and he had a great body at the time he filmed this one for Jack, so it’s a shame he isn’t highlighted even more than he was. And the bondage-lite just seems a little pointless, except as a comical carry-over from Luke’s earlier “I’m tied up at the moment” phone call with Buddy Preston.

When I made all those youtube vids a while back, I spent a long time in windows live moviemaker splicing down specific clips and editing them together, then overlaying the audio on top of it usually (after I had enhanced it as best I could) anyway. It did take a lot of time but it was sort of fun, that would be a way to get an edit of just the Lee / Luke sex scene without having the action shift to Buddy and David in the living room, if you really wanted it and had access to that program. I used that process to make the Dangerous edit I think I showed you, where it’s just Rick Faulkner in the phone booth, and none of the Chris Burns dildo scene. Did I show you that?

You did cut your clip off before anybody came, and Buddy’s in particular was a real gusher, but thanks for posting this.

Hey B.J.!

Is that singing telegram of “Happy Anniversary” what you were talking about as “Lee Marlin Sings”? I couldn’t find any real songs, and if there was background music, I didn’t notice.

Thank you and Happy New Year again.

Thank you, sweetie.

Well, I know it was interesting as part of Gay Scholarship as practised by you (I wasn’t familiar with Marlin), Johnny Llama and Zephyr, but definitely good he kept his day job. I went through the rest of the clip and there was nothing else sung by anybody.

Lee Marlin with a bushy ‘stache! Love it! Thanks for another great clip.

“I am not always a fan when sex scenes get interspliced with each other.” I dislike that also, BJ. So distracting! I have the same trouble with some huge orgy scenes where the camera keeps jumping around. Well, who can complain though. It’s all good. And thankfully we have people like Zephyr who are willing to re-edit. I will now be watching that Rick Faulkner in the phone booth scene. That is genius. I love that scene!

That could have been an in joke, there are certainly elements of farce and over the top ridiculousness sprinkled around the whole film. It’s actually a rabbit that Buddy cooked for his and David’s anniversary, and he chopped off the head which is just sitting on the table while they are eating it, but Buddy says it tastes just like chicken (which Luke repeats after he breaks in and tries some). David, however, doesn’t eat any of it before he storms off because he thinks if he did he’d never be able to watch a Disney film again. None of it is laugh out loud funny but props go to Jack Deveau for trying to have the non-sex parts seem sorta like a sitcom of that era.

The phone booth edit from Dangerous was pretty straight forward, just start and stop recording the parts with Rick and edit out the dildo scenes in the bedroom with Chris, which gives the scene in the film a confusing timeline as it jumps back and forth. It does take a while to make those edits (and I wish I had a better resolution copy of the film when I made that) but Rick’s load all over the inside of the booth is a classic, slo-mo 80s cumshot that always impresses me.

Definitely had a sitcom feel…

I loved your edit of the phone booth wank. Impressive indeed! I always figured that they used a fake phone booth for the actual J/O and cum shot, but it really looks like it was actually filmed in a real phonebooth on the street!

In my fantasies, it was.

In my fantasies too Johnny, I wished I had happened to be walking along that street just in time to see Rick fire off that gusher of a load :p The shots of Rick were filmed from different distances, and carefully edited to give the impression that it was just happening on the street that is shown from the furthest away camera shots, but I’m pretty sure that the close-up shots were a different (and more secluded) phone booth somewhere. It’s a filmmaking technique that is meant to convince the viewer they were all filmed in one take, and effective when done as well as Steve Scott directed Dangerous.

Steve used a similar sleight of hand in Inches, after Al Parker picks up Buck Stevens (usually credited as Mark Rutter) on the side of the road while Al was driving his jeep. There are a few legit shots that were filmed from the back seat while Al and Buck are in the jeep together and the jeep was moving; then later when Buck fishes around in Al’s shorts and eases his cock out the leg hole while Al weakly protests, it’s filmed from a lower angle and almost certainly while the jeep was stationary. But by editing those shots together, watching the film you think that Buck was groping and stroking Al while on the 101 freeway or whatever road they were on in the driving sequence. Steve was a master director and likely had a vision for the full stories he wanted to convey, and using techniques like this to augment his storytelling is part of why he was so highly regarded at the time. He was definitely a huge influence on Al’s own eventual directing style. And Buck blowing Al once the jeep stops on the dirt road is probably one of my all-time favorite blowjob scenes ever, especially as he laps up the load that just blasted all over his face.

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