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“Guys who posed for THE ATHLETIC MODEL GUILD, CHAMPION STUDIOS, BRUCE OF LOS ANGELES, MEL ROBERTS and other photographers still remembered today. And those Gay Porn Actors from NOVA FILMS or FALCON are featured here as well. BROWSE THE LIST OF NAMES or those who were never credited but happily posed anyway.”

I don’t get it! This blog is all of 14 months old, but he’s got over 2000 posts! Including some classic stars, like Clay Russell, who get at least 2 posts full of pics; or if you are in the mood for just loads and loads of seemingly random pix, try one of the “assorted pics” posts; there’s a focus on I’d say 50’s to 70’s – those earlier 2 decades I know little about so it’s fun and surprising to see some of these hot guys naked, and hard even! Ooops! Spoke too soon – he’s even got Beau Beaumont, star of Batdude. In any case, enjoy; but please, please, come back!

hat tip to zephyr!


I’m glad you don’t see other blogs with a similar focus as a competition, but rather as sort of a collective project. Especially with the many pics and clips where not a lot is known about the guys shown or the photographers, of which there are many.

When I wrote those reddit reviews I’ve liked to provide a sort of ‘further reading’ section of links, for anyone who wants more than just a quick wank to a hot film. Each review has a link to the gevi page; there’s also articles related to some aspect of the film, and (if I can identify at least one song) a youtube link for the music.

And also blog posts featuring pics and info about the actors, which often led me back to your blog since there are so many posts you’ve made about some of them. I’d say you, retro studs and brutos eros are three of the blogs I linked to the most, but in digging around I was able to locate some others too, including the vintage male models guy (who I don’t know anything about). A few others are called ‘barefoot male pornstars 2’, ‘men from back then’, ‘vintage old reliable’ and ‘wonderland burlesque’, all on blogspot. Each seems to have it’s own focus and style of presenting the pics.

Some guys I think prefer the quantity aspect over the quality, akin to using a firehose and spraying the landscape with every vintage pic they can find, and often not knowing (or caring) who the guys were or anything about the pics. Tumblr helped spread thousands upon thousands of porn pics to anybody who wanted to save them, and so vast collections of pics proliferated. A bunch of the posts on reddit’s ‘vintage gay pics’ sub seem to have originated from these sources.

But I’ve always seen you as emphasizing quality over quantity, it’s something that I think a lot of your regular readers would agree with me is your specialty, and why we keep coming back here for more. Maybe using the analogy of comparing a diner where the service is great and the food is outstanding, versus a Burger King. BK sells more burgers and has more locations but if you want a satisfying and well-cooked meal, you’d visit BJ’s Eats down the street (and maybe be lucky enough to get one of the hot waiters who are hand-picked by the owner and wander around the dining room in tight jockstraps) ;)

The guy who runs ‘vintage male models from the past’ likely amassed or inherited a huge trove of pics from tumblr or that era anyway, he seems like he at least somewhat cares about getting the names and info right and most of his scans appear to be high resolution, large files. Which would explain the quantity of his posts. But the fire hose analogy of blasting everything out at once does a disservice to the thoughtful and personal approach that you have mastered here for years now.

(another super long message from me, thanks for doing what you do as well as you do would be the ‘too long didn’t read’ summary) Cheers BJ.

Thanks Zephyr and BJ! Can’t wait to check this out.

I am familiar with many of the blogs you mentioned. I agree, BJLand is a special blog, my fave actually! but I do like to visit these other sites and see what they have to offer before coming back to BJ. It’s a huge plus to me if they can ID or provide any info about what they are posting.

There are so many who are just posting hot pics indiscriminately. That’s great, but I want a little more than just anon dick. Wait, did I just say that?

Just discovered your site…its amazing!

Might someone know if Brenn Wyson pased away a few years ago.
He did a lot of videos especially for kink,com.
I kow he was from the Boston area and lived in Florida and was named Michael Foxx.
He was so fucking hot and nasty.

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