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Mr. Miller

Did someone say MORE DICK! MORE DICK! ??

Well, I know I heard it, so imagine my surprise when I found pics of Dick Miller ogling pics of his own beefy hairy self??!!

Previously I thought he appeared in only one film, a favorite of mine because of the theme song BAD, BAD BOYS, but then with the assistance of reader and commenter JohnnyLlama (how was I supposed to know DICK Miller was the same guy as RICHARD Miller??! – but I digress) we learned that he not only posed with David Carter, but also appeared in a film or two – David Meets the Woodsman and Three Summer Afternoons.

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Oh yay! I did something and got a mention! *blushing*

That’s some good DICK, Mr BJ!

Seriously, Dick Miller is a furry chunk of MAN and I am happy that you found this trove of his treasures. Thanks for sharing!

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