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a pair of Levi’s walks in

“In New York’s village there is a private glory hole club where men go each night to get it on with each other. A 21 year old blond in a tank top and hung, walks into a booth ready for the first guy that comes along. As he looks through the hole he sees another guy with a beautiful ass.” (in the 1976 magazine of the film, the 2 young men are identified as Timmy and Rex – one of whom is Ken Carter who did work for NOVA FILMS as well)

“Later a total stranger in a pair of Levi’s walks in and watches through another hole.” (this is the part with Paul Barresi)

If you haven’t seen the film, I highly recommend popping over to my previous post – Hungry Hole – it’s just 9 minutes. Why the cover of the magazine makes me think it’s Paul’s ass that is the “hungry hole” – alas, you don’t get to see much Barresi ass here or many other places – another idea for a post (drafts folder beware) – “the search for Paul Barresi’s ass – of course, that comes after my currently in the drafts folder “Paul Barresi in STROKE magazine – are all the appearance from that one mag with Paul, a cigar, and a skanky blond?” Meanwhile, those of you you can’t be bothered with the search function at the top right of this page (and all pages) can check out another Paul video – Popular Mechanics – Paul in the shower while his “son” Kyle Carrington showering at the same time, but presumably another bathroom.

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BOLO alert issued for one Paul Barresi’s ass, born 1948/9, height 5’10”, black hair, brown eyes, muscular build, hairy chest. May be using the aliases Paul Baressi, Paul Barressi, Paul Barrissi, Paul Barrezi, Paul Barssi, Paul Bareassy (ok I made that one up), Paul Benson, Joe Hammer, Derek, James Allen, Jason Thorpe. At one point his ass may have resembled these examples:

pic 1:

pic 2:–K6QTAuwd7TliQShl_mfnzLuSlMvHA0hIg4vyWxJeqgMVzHWl0C9f76ALA=s944

pic 3:

pic 4:

pic 5:

(though pic 5 may in fact be Lee Marlin’s butt, Paul and Lee apparently did at least one photo shoot together — the tattoo visible on the upper left thigh may be a clue)

One of the other blogs I have bookmarked that I had mentioned to you before, ‘wonderland burlesque’ had a long post about Paul, including what appears to be the full photo spread of him with the “skanky” blond getting spanked, along with dozens of other pics:

I probably remember him best from the lone straight sex scene in L.A. Tool & Die, when he fucks the woman in the outhouse and then flings his spent condom at peeping tom Shaun Victors as if it were a lasso when they drive away. I definitely remember the rumors about Travolta, that story (and the eventual retraction that he appparently now regrets) are tied to his public image.

oh my – yes, #5 ain’t Paul – no hair at all! (not to mention the possible leg tattoo? )

the link you provide – wow – and I recognize some of the pics as from my website! (I don’t think anyone else has that exact same discolored cover image from COLT’s GALLERY 13 that I own)

nonetheless – truly impressive – I don’t know that you showed me any ass shots I haven’t already seen, but nice to see them in one place!

Wait, no. The whole post is my favorite. That one where he’s sitting on the toilet takes my breath away. Barressi, take me away!


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