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big surprise

AKA Wet Dreams – sorry, just can’t get into this guy’s face! but the sheets, on the other hand….

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Well, I get it. Sorta. He’s always grimacing. It’s like the camera hates him. Or just his face. Camera loves other parts! But he always seems to have a weird expression on.

BTW, this is how I photograph as well.

Still, if Steve York and Buster said to me, “wanna’ 3-way?” I’d say, yes please! We could just turn the lights down.

I’m surprised you posted this, but I also realize- that dick is eminently postable.

Thanks BJ!

If you’re putting it up for a vote, I’d go with not deliberately decapitating anybody. Whether it’s Steve York, Jeff Stryker, Paul Becker, Derrick Stanton, whoever. I agree that some of these guys look really good from the waist (or even chest) down and may not be such lookers when you scan up to their faces but there is such a wide range of opinions, that it seems … I don’t know if “fairer” is the right word, it is your blog after all, just giving people the chance to make up their own minds. Just my two cents buddy.

Speaking of opinions, was “but the sheets, on the other hand….” an invitation to thoughts about them? I might put those on my bed if I was having a crisco party and only wanted to protect the mattress from getting stained :D but otherwise I know I don’t own a bedspread or blanket that would match them in any way.

Back to the meat of your post, pun intended, Steve York’s dick is almost too big – beautiful to look at but not very practical for anything I might want to do with it, aside from slobber on the head or give it a handjob. Makes my jaw and butt hurt just to imagine too much of that monster inside of me.

Buster, on the other hand, was a longtime favorite of mine, he looked good to me throughout his evolution from dark haired late teen / early 20s …

… to curly haired surfer as in this scene with Steve or Buster Goes To Laguna, back to the prep look a few years later in Night Flight and The Bigger The Better. Great body, attractive face too and a beautiful yet manageable sized dick, if time travel were possible finding him sometime around 1980-82 or so would be among my top ten maybe. Loved his strip poker scene in Sailor In The Wild too. But I admit to being kind of partial to blonds and redheads, they always catch my eye in porn and in real life, and body hair is nice but never a dealbreaker for me.

When I was younger, I would have to resist the enormous Pricks I wanted up my ass, and some years ago found that gradually increasing dildo size before letting the Prick go str8 up would loosen my ass and let the Dick go str8 up without even a slight sting. As such, a 24yo boy named Eric fucked me with his gorgeous 9 inches, and said he didn’t know anybody else who could take the whole thing. I never would have had difficulty sucking that Dick. Steve is pretty much a butch mug, none too pretty but his Cock is gorgeous and I would let him fuck me any day. The other one, the blonde, does not really appeal to me too much, but I haven’t seen many pictures. His hair looks too pansey.

It’s really a matter of how much you want HUGE COCK up your ASS. You don’t seem to see it as a high priority, and I do, although I don’t get it nearly enough because too old! Although I get to suck all the HUGE UNCUT DICK I want, and I get 3 or 4 a week. That is livin’, man. I have no ED problems, but do not find as many good cocksuckers, so I usually like to have a throatful of cum and then go home and pollute my Prick, which nobody else can do as well as I can.

nope. no vote. I don’t do a lot of alterations to pics, but cropping out words, bad framing, and yes, distracting body parts – dirty feet, odd expressions on faces (and worse, of course) – etc.

I taught myself how to crop images a long time ago, I have never liked saving pics with any kind of watermark or studio name. Sometimes that makes the file size jump dramatically even if I only make a small trim but I’ve gotten better at trying to make the images of high quality, as you have also over the years (I’ve noticed).

Trimming out faces (or feet?) is usually only if that part of the body is covered by a logo or words, so I get that, to a point. I can tell though, that you use it as a punishment sometimes lol, like when you chopped Stryker’s face off of that pic of Jeff Converse sucking him from Powertool. I can just see you, a pained expression on your face, then snickering with delight as you mangle and chop his likeness up, saying THERE! and feeling very satisfied. Thank goodness nobody on here knows what I look like or that none of my pics are floating around, if they were I have no doubt you’d be castrating or decapitating me for the most harmless of infractions, like straying off topic …

So did you ever see Confessions Of A Male Groupie, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Electric Banana? I’M KIDDING!!! :D

not to beat a dead horse – but I will DEFEND my cropping – yes, in this instance, these pics, it’s sortof brutal – but for example my Jeff Converse isn’t so much to NOT have Stryker’s face, but to actually bring the focus to the cocksucking act itself…. so the cock, the cocksucking mouth, THAT is why I like to change the original photographer’s work a bit.

I find much porn photography to be quite lame, as are many films and videos – so re-edits can be fun and re-focus, if you will, the viewer’s way of looking at the men and what they are doing.

Of course you can crop anything and everything you want, and in some cases (like if you’re trying to challenge us to identify somebody based just on certain body parts, for example) it leads to some interesting discussions. I didn’t mean to come across as critical and hope you didn’t take it that way.

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