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Lee Ryder and buddies Bob Wade and Jacques Chalon from All American Boys. You might need to pull out your copy of the video to figure out the posters. (well, the one below isn’t hard)

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I spent some time trying to figure out all of the posters on their wall when I did those yt videos in 2020, since there was a lot of non-sex footage of Jacques and John talking you get to see most of them from different angles. Some of them are seen very clearly in the film, while others I only saw close up shots of them in the picture magazines, which I’ve seen again recently but can’t remember where. Left to right around the perimeter of the room:

– some band I can’t tell who it is
– Fernando Valenzuela (baseball player for the Dodgers then)
– Pink Floyd The Wall (probably the easiest one)
– a small bumper sticker size sign that says “help I need lovin” (those two are right above John’s bed)
– pretty sure the woman in the poster you show is Brooke Shields? Looks like her face and maybe her signature when I zoom in on it
– a couple of UCLA banners
– two different KISS posters
– Loni Anderson in a red bathing suit (these last ones are over near the TV and dresser away from the beds)

In your first pic you can see Fernando and the Wall poster, and just a sliver of the corner of the unknown band.

Getting It had at least three scenes with visible posters in the background, also a couple are seen in Michael Christopher’s bedroom in Pleasure Beach (that shirtless guy with the towel around his neck, whoever he was) and many other films, that was a big thing in the 80s as I’m sure you remember too.

WOW! nice job! Brooke Shields was the easy one (for me) but now I have to find the video to see if I can spot Loni Anderson (always a favorite)

Right after Jacques enters the room and meets John, they both change clothes over near the dresser and TV. Jacques first, he puts on the pair of shorts John hands to him, and then John changes his pants before he goes out (which is before the threeway with Lee and Bob that Jacques has soon after). That’s when I saw the Loni poster over to the right and realized there are two Kiss ones, one next to the other. If you do rewatch it and can identify (or get a screen grab) of the poster of the band on the other wall to the left of the baseball player, maybe somebody could i.d. it if you can’t? Since I drew a blank, though there was a logo that might be identifiable.

I liked Loni too, and Gary Sandy and his tight jeans especially. WKRP was a weird, quirky, and hilarious sitcom, one of my favorites then. “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.” :D

So I figured out what the poster is at the very left, next to Fernando Valenzuela … it’s this poster of the band Wings:

Hope that link works, it didn’t believe I was a human at first (I’m beginning to have my own doubts about that some days). What led me to it was when Jacques fucks John on the bed and cums on his butt, the camera shows this in slow motion (well it misses the beginning of the cumshot, but anyway) and between Jacques’s armpits you can make out the band name from the bottom of the poster for just a few seconds. I truly have no life lol but at least now we know.

I’m not gonna’ try to guess the posters in the first pic. But I say well done to those who did.

Every boy my age (and some girls) had that or some other Brooke Shields poster when I was like 15. My best friend had even gotten her signature when visiting a Manhattan restaurant and kept it by his beside. I wonder, did he think of her when I sucked his dick? (He’s married with children today).

But I don’t want no Brooke Shields in my gay porn! That’s like a rule. An important rule.

There’s a gay porn company that boasts scenes of frat “boys” having sex and their walls are always covered with sexy lady posters. I mean, it’s a gay orgy scene and there’s woman parts on the walls! What’s the point? It’s distracting. The truth is, I just all around don’t like that website. They’re always yelling at the poor guy who’s getting gang-banged. Not a fan. Harrumph!

I do love me some Lee Ryder though. My fave scene? Believe it or not, the solo scene in “The Big Surprise” where he jerks off while dirty-talking directly to the camera. Sooooo hot!

Thanks BJ!

Hope this link works for everyone, imgur works for me because that was the site designed to share images on reddit before they allowed people to upload pics (and now short clips) directly to their site. Anyway it’s four screen grabs with most of the posters visible around the room, except for the Brooke Shields one because it’s tucked away in the corner above Jacques’s bed, and besides BJ’s 2nd pic showed that one really clearly. See my first comment above for the breakdown:

(if this doesn’t work then maybe I can post it to a subreddit and leave a link to that so people can see it that way)

Cool, glad it worked for you at least, and thanks for using your master blog powers to add it to the comments. Was that the Loni poster you imagined in your head when I mentioned her above?

Oo! Oo! Kiss poster. I know who that is! The guy who stuck his tongue out!
Wait, or is it Taylor Swift? I get so confused.

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