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center fold head band

various attempts at making the centerfold work – does it work for you?

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Well, of the two, there would seem to be little choice, since the photo isn’t quite arty enough to make the misaligned one work as well as the other. Which itself is not quite as pristine as a full smooth poster would be.

But I’m not complaining. That’s Justin Cade, he is a sexual masterpiece, and this an especially fine example of his beauty. I am fine with the head band and would be fine without it.

I do think his face is handsomer here than usual–it can take on some unusual expressions. He is smokin’ hot with the moustache and smokin’ hot without it–here I see him as being handsomer than I sometimes think he is, and without the moustache would be just fine.

His Prick reminds me of “Officer Friendly” from the other day, although it may be even bigger, and they’re both certainly as luscious as possible.

I think I agree with Parisian. The second one is misaligned. The first one looks as good as can be with the staples still present. I know some people who seem to be able to do magic and completely erase the staple fold. As a supposed artist, I should know how. I suspect photoshop is involved. Unfortunately, my laptop doesn’t handle my ancient version of the Adobe Creative Suite very well.

I recently tried to attach two pages together using the ask Google method. I tried and tried and eventually gave up. Pathetic. Apparently I have shifted into that stage of life where even the simplest technological tasks are just beyond me. Sigh.

Technological woes aside, Justin Cade is a total stud as far as I’m concerned. His nipples are epic. There are so many things to love about this centerfold: the headband, the jock, his ‘stache, his dick, etc. It’s the Feb 1983 issue of Mandate, right?

I can usually look past the staples depending on their placement. The white glare line that sometimes appears right next to the fold because the page is rounded- that can be irritating. The bottom line is that I’m most happy when someone else does the scanning.

Thanks BJ!

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