marlon brando 3-way

it made me giggle. that is all

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Stella! I recognize both the porn actors but am drawing a blank on their names, if I had to guess I’d say this is 90s fare. Possibly late 80s but the blond guy in front is sporting a very 90s-looking ‘do. Oh you’re such a tease ..

zephyr! I haven’t forgotten about you! I’ll get back to you when I have the time. I’m always pressed for time and sleep. I’ll be sure to answer your questions. Sorry for now. Please be patient. : )

QUICK ANSWER: The blond is Cort Stevens. The burnet behind him, is Chris Champion. I’ll have more to say, in a later reply. You know I’m never at a loss for words. Ain’t the right, BJ? : )

; )

Chris Champion, yes tha’s who he is. I knew I’d seen him in particular in many images, he’s less familiar from whatever films he did but his face was one I knew I’d seen before. Just couldn’t place him, there’s an ever expanding category of ol’ whats-his-names that I find myself shorthanding when the names don’t pop into my head as easily anymore. I definitely would have needed a clue before remembering Cort and his A&F-adjacent 90s hairdo, not bad just not as memorable to me. Thanks Obsessed since BJ was just going to tease me forever on this one I guess ;)

There’s one notable photo spread with Chris that I’ve seen pics from many places, where he’s in and out of a uniform. The one I remember the most his hat is tilted, dick hanging out of his pants and hands on hips, oh my. Just couldn’t remember his name. Not sure which magazine they were in but he was definitely a 90s model, found the pics (including the one I described) here:

Cort just reminds me of an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog, nice bod and dick but far too many guys in the 90s had that look then. Chris was a real looker though, glad Obsessed saw my comments anyway since you didn’t even know, you sly blogger you. I can see why the placement of the poster made you chuckle.

looks familiar, of course – nice cock – glad he shaved his pubes – otherwise cock would look teeny tiny!

Chris Champion has a vague resemblance to another Chris, the singer Chris Isaak who has aged as everyone who keeps living does. But in his prime, Chris Isaak was among the best looking singers I ever saw, I had a major crush on him both before and after his biggest hit, Wicked Game. The nose isn’t much of a match at all to Chris Champion but the rest of his face (and his hair) seems to be, at least to me. Indulge me please, on leaving these two pics of Mr. Isaak when he was younger, note the hairy arms in this first one:–chris-isaak.jpg

And then here, I’ll have to guide you to the specific pic as they made the url far too long:

This is for a cassette version of his second album from 1987, which I still have a copy of even though I also eventually bought the CD. I kept it for one specific reason, as can be seen in the fifth image of the album. A photo from the inside, where the notes and lyrics are, shows him looking off to one side, carrying what seems to be his guitar case. Open this image in a new tab and look closely (or better yet, zoom in on it) and you can definitely make out his plump dick head hanging down within his jeans. The CD version of the album annoyingly cuts his body off right above there which only serves as confirmation of what I have long thought I can see in that pic on the cassette copy. It’s not obscene but oh how that turned me on, and served to reinforce how much I liked his music anyway. Yes I’m pathetic :D

I saw Chris Isaak in concert once in the 90s, he put on an outstanding show. I’m done now, thanks as always for letting me go on at length about something even if only barely connected to where you started.

What makes BJ’s posts so much fun and addicting; is that they always open up a Pandora’s Box, of issues and topics! They feed my narcissism and self-indulgence! : )

As I said before, once video came in, the performers in all-male; became noticeably, better looking. You can’t underestimate the power of beauty! : 0

You had quite a few these paragons, during the 80’s and 90’s. But as performers, a lot them; left a lot to be desired! You can easily pick out the ones who were “gay-for-pay”, or “trade”! : (

This still is from Catalina’s “Too Damn Big! (1994)”. BJ is right, to dismiss these two. There should be more to a porn performer, than just great physical assets – face, body, dick and ass! : P

I relegate performers like Chris Champion and Cort Stevens, to just great “eye-candy”. Which I admit, can be pretty compelling. Matt Sterling and Falcon Studios, used to major in these types.

Does anyone remember Christopher Cox? He was another looker, I would add. The personalities of all these three; were interchangeable. I can’t remember what their voices sounded like. : (

zephyr – my breath of fresh air! It’s amazing how often we seem to be on the same wavelength!

Yeah, if you stretch it quite a ways, there’s a superficial resemblance of Chris Champion, to Chris Isaak. I’m also a fan of Isaak! Ah, so cute with his pompadour! : )

I agree that Cort Stevens isn’t as attractive, but I have to give him the edge. He at least, participates. Notice that Champion is distracted in this photo. “What do I do next?” LOL!

Still, no one was as bad as Lex Baldwin – total mannequin! He was better in stills, than in action. : |

There was a meme that I posted over at Atkol Forums, now defunct. It was called “Blond Eye Candy on VHS”. I was especially proud of it, though of course, it was very self-indulgent. : /

Cort Stevens was among the over twenty pictured examples, that I posted – one dick shot, one ass hot. Ah, for the wonderful days of early Tumblr! : D

Great faces, but lack-luster performers! There were so many blonds back then – right before DVD! I wish you could have seen it, BJ! You know how I love to show off!

Rex Chandler, Steve Hammond, Cutter West, Doug Cory, Steve Fox, Ty Fox, Johnny Utah, Cody Foster, Brant James, Ken Ryker, Brian Maxon, Doug Jensen, Paul Coder, etc. just at the top of my head! ; )



Now, as for Marlon Brando…

I’m sure he had his share, of gay three-ways! He was a notorious, uninhibited bisexual – insatiable! He pretty much screwed everything that moved – so many conquests! : 0

BJ, I’m sure that most of your readers, have heard of the bombshell interview; that Quincy Jones gave to Vulture magazine on February 7, 2018! Clutch the pearls! : )

“He was the most charming motherfucker you ever met. He’d fuck anything. Anything! He’d fuck a mailbox. James Baldwin. Richard Pryor. Marvin Gaye.” (!)

Richard Pryor’s widow, Jennifer Lee, later confirmed it was true – spilled tea! *GASP!*

One can’t deny his acting genius, but it’s rather sad to learn, that he could also be an asshole – albeit, a charming asshole. : )

It’s also sad to witness, how he let himself go. In his youth, he was quite beautiful! : 0

Ah, here’s a rather famous Vogue photo, taken by Cecil Beaton in 1947. Marlon is 23. (I’m sure you’re quite familiar with this picture, Parisian. If not, why?) : )

*SIGH* to think, he later became a beached whale! : (×730.jpg

We queers worship physical beauty, because we understand that it’s transitory. : (

I can’t resist. One last thing…

You also have to admire Brando’s artistic boldness! He just didn’t care – always pushing the envelope!

In my college theater class, I knew a couple of bawdy girls, who would shock and delight me! They were friends to each other. : D

One day, one of them joked that the other, would reenact a scene from “Last Tango in Paris (1972)”, in our acting class – pure bullshit. I, being a dirty smart-ass, yelled out, “Pass the butter!”

Lo and behold, the girl who was supposedly going to do the scene, topped me by saying, “Clip your finger nail!” Thereby verifying, that she’d seen the movie! LOL! I could never beat them – so nasty!
: D

Ah, memories, pressed between the pages of my mind. There’s another music reference for you zephyr! Hope you’ve forgiven me, for not responding sooner. Stay cool and breezy! : )

Oh, BJ BJ, so many great posts! So little time! : (

; )

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