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#1 – Is that (Big) Bill Eld? Actually I think I see a mustache now but it’s hard to tell from that angle. It looks less like a buttplug between his legs and more like a small stalagmite. But his grubby feet are far too apparent.

#2 – if I had to guess I’d say that’s something Nova, the dark haired guy looks more familiar than the blond. Guessing your eyes were drawn to the stuffed cat in the background.

#3 – Mr. Martin (??) sure is a horny fella!

#4 – it’s from the opening scene of Games, has the identity of that mystery cock ever been determined? Far too thick to have been Leo Ford, and it might be uncut anyway. The hospital bed scene with Brian Nichols and Ben Barker was always my favorite part of that movie, and Jim Rogers date raping Leo is the creepiest (but still hot when he gets in Leo’s pants).

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