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Les(lie) Stine

Not sure when or where I first saw him – video theater?, magazine? but I knew the super hairy bod stood out from the rest of the late 80’s / early 90’s pornstars. Alas, many of his videos his body is shaved…. but thank you, Fred Bisonnes for these photos, including the HAIRY SHOULDERS!

seen here as Leslie Stein in a photoshoot from ADVOCATE MAGAZINE in 1989 – see also his GEVI vidography

and p.s.

whatever happened to those wrestling videos from BG ENTERPRISE and BG EAST? (east seems to still have an online presence). I sold two videos with Mr Stine in them – “fans of hairy guys take note….”

would LOVE to see better photos or actual videos!

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I always liked Les, he looked far better when he wasn’t forced to wax and shave! I think I still have a couple of scenes he is in, one with David Ashfield and the other with Jon Vincent. The latter is pretty hot as I recall. I will have to look for it!

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