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Damon Douglas

who you may remember from such films as:

One film (apparently, a solo while 2 “peeping Toms” watch and get turned on); and 3 magazines? THAT’s IT? Handsome mustached hairy fucker, c’mon! There’s got to be more!

Damon Douglas

who you may remember from such magazines as:

  • Shooters – #1 (1983)
  • HONCHO September (1984) – Please, Sir – 4 or 5 pics
  • HONCHO November (1984) – cover – more pics from same shoot in S & Men
  • S & Men – Surge Studio

NOT making the cover shot of the Shooters magazine makes me think yes, not only did he do “only” a solo, but probably wasn’t filmed with any of the other models, right?

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The last pic, the cover of Shooters – I think I recognize two of the four guys. Back left, the furry guy is almost certainly Michael Braun, right? And front right, the guy getting his nipple pinched looks a lot like 80s Kurt Williams, who was with Michael in Gold Rush Boys, along with a few Higgins films. The one with just the mustache behind (possibly) Kurt looks familiar too, is this from a film? I’m thinking only a magazine layout since gevi doesn’t list Michael and Kurt as having been in any films together aside from Gold Rush Boys. And this relates to Damon, the subject of your post, because he was in the magazine Shooters too? And just wasn’t on the cover? Now I’ve confused myself, anyway if the mag gives names for the cover models (or if you recognize them) please let us / me know.

my smart answer answer would be to tell you to scroll back up to the GEVI link to the movie – and, actually, you should – because there is an “extra” person in the AD for the movie! Meanwhile, so as to have this here, here’s another ad, which appears to have the correct cast, as seen in the movie

You’re right, I did miss the gevi link. Michael Braun stands out with all of his fur, I guess that’s not Kurt Williams after all though. Rather the Lee Stern that was different from the guy from Aspen 2 who also used that name, Lee Mann usually. Huh, that’s interesting.

I haven’t seen the movie but if someone has a complete copy of it, it should be easy to tell whether there are six or seven guys that appear. Sounds like Steve Collins might be absent and just whoever made that flyer / ad assumed someone else was him? I’d guess they’re going to put an action shot on the cover of a magazine like Shooters, which looks like it was a glossy. For eight bucks it better be good! was the prevailing mindset at that time since Torso and the other monthlies were more like three bucks still, I think.

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