"vintage" porn stars

Forbidden Portraits

director: Enrico Montenegro (1982)

Starring: Darren Duke (as Sebastian), Jesse Jones, John Fell, John Schaft, Jack Anthony, and Bosh (as John Bolton); special appearances by Bob Shane and Roy Garrett

(special thanks to International Stud, NYC and SOMA Gallery, NYC; Sebastian’s drawings by Yves Anthony; written and directed by Enrico Montenegro, who is also the director of photography)

Robert Richards

so…. I checked my list of VHS porn and Forbidden Portraits was there, but the coding on the list was a box I just couldn’t find in the last 3 days. Of course it’s in a box up in a storage space above my closet, under several other boxes, behind like 5 medium size backpacks (who knew I had, or needed so many!), and possibly broken fan and a VHS player (player only – a good friend lent it to me years ago, he got it from his Dad who got it from a mattress salesman who would bring his own videotape player to play their promotional tape in folks’ homes….. but I digress). got the box down, sorted through, found the video box you see above, and

Feb 2016

update – November 2022 – So the above is where I left off 6 YEARS AGO! – sheeeesh! the video has since been moved from the porn closet to the porn basement, and I must’ve watched it long enough to get some “screen shots” but really, where was I going with this post? To figure out if Yves Anthony is the nom de porn of Richard Rogers? who’s portrayed by Darren Duke? – who is Sebastian in the film?

I give up – let’s just pull this out of “drafts,” edit a bit, and hit “publish”

Forbidden Portraits elsewhere on BJland

oh, and a reader ID’d one song from the soundtrack – Yellowjackets – Matinee Idol

6 replies on “Forbidden Portraits”

Thanks for the update BJ! Any chance you might be able to upload this film Forbidden Portraits onto your blog? Searching far & wide for this one. Never had the privilege to see it. It would be most awesome of you if possible. Many thanks!!

alas – i do not have it digitized – but this winter, with more free time – who knows? (and I don’t mind reminders!)

Thank you BJ! btw it’s a terrific VHS box cover of these 2 lovely men! Captures them beautifully. So erotic in all the right ways.

Happy new year BJ. I hope you have a good one! Have you had time to digitise this rarity yet during your cold winter? It would be amazing to see it! Thanking you but absolutely no pressure! Life is busy enough! Thank you for such a great website – following you for years.

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